Pick up these pick-me-up romances

We could all use a pick me up now and then. If spring hasn’t put a smile on your face, then try these five romances that just might do the trick. These books are also on sale for a limited time, which hopefully puts a swing in your step.

Check out these short and sweet treasures from your favorite authors like Karin Kallmaker, Gerri Hill, and KG MacGregor.
This office romance will have your heart humming. Security guard Sara Gordon moves back to her home town of Atlanta after a love affair gone south. Ambitious Mikaela Small is vying for a top spot at her firm, and also Sara’s attention.
This funny and engaging novel follows comedian Mina Borsalino as she deals with the fallout from a very public meltdown. Mina takes refuge at her sister’s place in a struggling town in Iowa and takes a job at the local school teaching music. In order to save the town, Mina takes on a children’s beauty pageant and hilarity ensues.
This heartwarming romance features retired police chief Cassie Thomas, who is now enjoying the quiet life on her vacation farm resort. Social worker Kathleen Masters is looking for a healthy and welcoming environment for some of the teen girls in her care and Cassie’s farm fits the bill perfectly. Now she just needs to convince Cassie to lend a hand.
This upbeat romance takes place in Provincetown, a town that attracts lesbians year round. Grumpy bar owner Megan Phenix and Provincetown newbie Leah Rollins hatch a plan to avoid the drama of relationships and unwanted attention by pretending their dating. The thing is, their feelings might not be fake after all.
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