October’s new releases are sweet and spooky

We have two new releases perfect for those crisp October nights, and a classic reprint for you. Available now!



Lex Files by Celeste Castro


Something is terrorizing a nature preserve near a small town in Idaho. Some residents this it’s a ghost, while others are convinced some sort of supernatural beast lies within. FBI Special Agent Winifred Ford is sent to the area to investigate, but she’ll need help from someone with experience with the situation: State Fish & Wildlife Officer Daya Soto and her canine partner, Lexy. While one woman looks for logic and the other is open to the possibility of something otherworldly, can they come together to solve the mystery?




Kat’s Nine Lives by Laina Villeneuve


When the church Kat Morehart works for refuses to wed a gay couple, Kat springs into action and offers her historic home as the venue. Her best friend, caterer Wendy Archer, is happy to help. When the two get together to create the perfect wedding, they also have to deal with the attraction simmering between them.




Love on the Line by Laura DeHart Young

This 2005 book is back in print for you! Alaskan Park Ranger Kay Westmore has her hands full with family drama and a stalker who keeps sending her threatening letters and phone calls. She’s also about to embark on a dangerous survival mission to Northern Alaska with her new boss, Grace Perry. With this mission, Kay wonders if she’s making a huge mistake, leaving behind Stef Kramer, a younger woman who has stolen her heart.

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