October’s new releases are all treats, no tricks

It’s that time again! We have three brand new releases for you from KG MacGregor, Lise MacTague and Jaime Anderson, and a 25th anniversary edition of a beloved Karin Kallmaker romance.

The Lucky Ones by KG MacGregor

It’s been ages since Brittany Iverson left her home in Leland, Kentucky, stinging from her mother’s betrayal and in search of a lesbian community in California. When the chance to return home and resurrect her father’s business for a big profit presents itself, Brittany can’t refuse. High school teacher and softball player Ninah Faust loves her life in the cozy town of Leland, so when Brittany arrives in town to make money and take off, Ninah knows she ought to stay away. Easier said than done when the two women meet.

Hunter’s Descent by Lise MacTague

In this sequel to Five Moons Rising, Malice and Ruri become trapped in netherworld while investigating the mysterious deaths of multiple boot-camp students. Supranormal hunter Malice and werewolf Ruri are an unlikely pair, considering they are sworn enemies. However they fell in love anyway, and now Ruri may have to put her life on the line to save Malice from malevolent forces.

An Army of Lovers (Women’s Music of the 70s and 80s) by Jamie Anderson

This history of lesbian and women’s music is not to be missed! From performers like Alix Dobkin and Cris Williamson to the small independent labels and behind the scenes passion that helped put this music on the map, you’ll learn about how women’s music on the 70s and 80s changed the world and paved the way for lesbian, bi and queer women’s music of today.

Painted Moon (25th Anniversary Edition) by Karin Kallmaker

We’re celebrating 25 years of Karin Kallmaker’s beloved novel, Painted Moon, with a new edition which includes a new foreword, additional chapters for Jackie and Leah with a previously unpublished story.

Jackie Frakes is stranded on a snowy mountain road on Thanksgiving when she is rescued by the equally frosty former artist, Leah Beck. The two women spend a weekend together stranded in Leah’s cabin and the passion between them is enough to melt through Leah’s frozen heart. When both go back to their lives, Leah discovers a reignited love for her art and Jackie is finally ready to take control of her destiny. Will the two women be able to find a way to make a life together?

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