Novels to help you celebrate National Coming Out Day

Happy National Coming Out Day! Whether you’ve been out for decades, or just recently, that’s cause for celebration. To honor the special day, we’re featuring novels where the protagonists deal with their own coming out stories. Right now, you can get these ebooks on sale!

Full of Promise by Kate Gavin

High school senior Cameron Leoni doesn’t have much time in her busy life for much socializing. Between helping raise her siblings, and working to save for college, what time is left is dedicated to soccer. Cameron meets new student Riley Baker at soccer tryouts and the instantly the two are drawn to one another. Soon enough, feelings of friendship change into those of love, but Riley is scared to lose her best friend by confessing her true feelings and coming out.

Never Say Never by Linda Hill

Computer analyst Leslie Howard has a habit of falling for straight women, and ending up with a broken heart. When a new co-worker, Sara Stevens, comes into the picture, she and Leslie become friends – well until the moment Leslie comes out to Sara. Sara ghosts Leslie, but when she sees her former friend in the arms of another, a rush of unexpected feelings have Sara questioning everything.

Waltzing at Midnight by Robbi McCoy

When Jean Davis volunteers on a local politician’s campaign, she doesn’t expect to develop a crush on mayoral candidate Rosie Monroe. It was the last thing Rosie expected either, and with her candidacy in the balance, can she allow herself to fall in love?

Smile Number Seven by Melissa Price

Oscar winning actress Katarina Verralta finds herself stuck in the middle of nowhere and pulls off the intestate to find refuge from a storm and a place to spend the night. Owner of the Starlight Diner, Julia Dearling, welcomes Katarina in for a meal and some conversation, and since there are no hotels in the tiny town of Desert Bluff, also offers her a place to stay. That ignites a passionate romance, but Katarina must face the the dual factors of their age difference and how this new love will change everything for the closeted actress.

Beach Town by Ann Roberts

Closeted actress Kira Drake’s star is on the rise…well that’s if her domineering agent/mother has anything to do with it. But when veterinary student and surfing instructor, Flynn McFadden, walks into Kira’s life, the chemistry is immediate. Will their connection be enough to stop Kira’s mother’s plan to spoil their blossoming love, and keep her daughter from coming out?

Southern Girl by Renee Lukas

In 1980s Tennessee, Jesse Aimes finally starts to feel like she fits in when she joins the high school basketball team. When her best friend from childhood comes back to town, Jesse is scared of the feelings that rise to the surface. She’s been told her whole life that being gay is sinful, still a romance secretly grows between the teens. When a jealous classmate outs the couple, the truth threatens everything Jesse holds dear.

Saddled with Murder by Barbara Treat Williams

Single mom Britt Danner has recently come out and so far, things are a little disastrous. Between a teenage son who is set on being the king of snark, and an ill-fated love affair with her boss, Britt eagerly accepts an offer from her aunt to move to the family ranch in Kansas. Sure, there have always been rumors of the ranch being haunted, but Britt has enough on her plate to have to deal with already…right?

Dawn of Change by Gerri Hill

Running away from her life and her unhappy marriage, Susan Sterling heads to her family’s secluded cabin to try and sort herself out. While there, she meets and forms a bond with Shawn Weber. Despite pressure from her family to reunite with her husband, Susan is realizing big things about herself and her feelings for Shawn.

Consequences by Sarah Libero

Recently widowed and closeted Emily Stratton’s life is shaken to the core when her husband dies in what is initially suspected to be an accident. When Detective Kay DeLorme calls on Emily’s info-tech expertise for a tough case, the two women can’t stop the sparks from flying between them. When Kay’s case heats up, so do their feelings.

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