New webseries “Avocado Toast” explores the misadventures of two millennial women and their parents

Avocado Toast. Creamy. Crunchy. Divisive. The popular brunch item has become synonymous with millennial culture and the disconnection between them and older generations. (The subject harkens back to an interview in 2017 with an Australian Tim Gurner, suggesting that millennials are too busy spending money on small luxuries like avocado toast and lattes, and not saving like previous generations. His opinion has been heavily debated, especially with millennials saddled with a job market and opportunities that are less ideal than their parents’ generation.) When creators Heidi Lynch and Perrie Voss decided to create a comedy webseries where two millennial women went head to head with their Boomer parents, the name Avocado Toast seemed particularly apt.

The series is described as “an intergenerational sex comedy exploring the comforts… and awkwardness of sex,” and we see this all through the eyes of Molly (Lynch), a bisexual school teacher who isn’t out to her parents, and Elle (Voss), a businesswoman who is tired of being in the shadow of her mother, who happens to be her boss. When Molly’s dating profile is discovered by her students, she decides it’s time to come out to her mother. What she doesn’t expect, is to find out her parents are in an open marriage. Elle, on the other hand, is crushed when she finds out her parents are getting a divorce and her mother is having an affair with a much younger man. With more than her share of hurt feelings and frustration, she plots to steal the company out from under her mother.

Sex is never easy to talk about with your parents (trust me as someone whose mother just read her romance novel) but it is a part of life, something that becomes much more evident as we shift into adulthood ourselves and start seeing our parents as humans and vice versa. For the full Avocado Toast trailer, click here to go to their Facebook page. In the meanwhile here’s a little tast of Avocado Toast.



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    This is so wonderful! What a fabulous write up, apt, exciting and right on point! We can’t thank you enough for this! Cheers Dana! from Team Avocado Toast!

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