Natasha Negovanlis and Annie Briggs have a hit on their hands with the hilarious “CLAIREvoyant”

You don’t need a Magic 8 Ball to tell you that CLAIREvoyant will be the hit webseries of the summer. All you have to do is tune into KindaTV and check out the first five episodes to see it for yourselves. The highly anticipated new series from creators and stars Natasha Negovanlis and Annie Briggs is off the charts hilarious. So much so that after five episodes, my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much.


The series has been a passion project of Negovanlis and Briggs’s for a couple of years now and the two good friends and Carmilla castmates have really struck gold with the tale of Claire and Ruby, two polar opposite best friends trying to hustle and make rent money to avoid eviction. Why are the two in such dire straights? Well, because Ruby spent all their rent money on a self-published book of Claire’s poetry in celebration of Claire’s 25th birthday. Awwwww and also oooops. Ruby gets the idea they can rake in the dough by being fake psychics. We find out quickly however, that Claire comes from a long line of seers, and her abilities begin to show themselves in unusual (and inconvenient) ways.

Claire is also hopelessly crushed out on Nico, a sweet and adorable budding therapist who frequents the coffeeshop where Claire works. Awkward doesn’t begin to describe how Claire is around women, which is wonderfully relatable and a joy to watch, even as you cringe for Claire.

Both Negovanlis and Briggs get to show how broad their range is in CLAIREvoyant. The duo have loads of chemistry and the jokes fly by at the speed of light thanks to their impeccable timing and delivery. The “Mary Floppins” scene will have you rolling, and even more so when you remember that it comes from Negovanlis and Briggs as writers as well. The actors also have terrific connections with their love interests, Nico and Xavier played respectively by the wonderful Sabryn Rock and Jsin Sasha.


Writer Jason Packer teamed up with Negonvanlis and Briggs on the teleplay, which is one of the best I’ve seen in a comedy webseries format. Director Simone Stock and Editor Dillon Taylor weave together scenes masterfully. Basically, we’ve got a winner here, folks.

You can catch the first five episodes of CLAIREvoyant on KindaTV now. Check back here next week for my interview with Natasha Negovanlis and Annie Briggs. 



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