Musings behind the tale of “Kindling for the Heart”

After writing My Forever Hero, set in Australia’s summer, I wanted to focus on a story that takes place in winter. A Canadian one at that, with lots of snow and a forested landscape that offers a coziness factor.

I love feeling cozy. Cuddling up under a warm blanket, soft flannel against my skin, and sitting in front of a warm fire. I also love summer, don’t get me wrong, but with the extended heat we’ve had this year, I’m feeling ready for a change of season. I can’t wait to warm up in front of a woodstove.

Being born and raised in northern Ontario, it seemed only natural that I’d write a lesbian romance set there. Kindling for the Heart is really at the core of my heart. I’ve always loved the north with its four distinct seasons, big back yard of natural wilderness and small town spirit.

That Kindling for the Heart takes place in the dead of winter was very intentional. It’s a perfect time for snuggling up and hibernating inside with someone special, or being outside experiencing the beauty of a frosty forest against a blue sky. Both can take your breath away, which is good fodder for a romance.



I also wanted to write a book about a lesbian living in an area outside a cosmopolitan city, a place like northern Ontario. Forging relationships can be challenging, as the communities are smaller and distances to bigger centers can be far. The chance of meeting someone special is often difficult and especially for a woman like Jo, who has given up on love after having her heart broken. She would never consider leaving the north, her love of family and the forest too strong to consider a move. Sam, on the other hand, lives in a big city with lots of opportunity for meeting a woman to love, but it’s not always that simple. The problem for her is that the right person is in northern Ontario.

The two main characters are thrown together by fate and that’s how life sometimes sorts itself out. Kindling for the Heart is also a Valentine’s Day story. There’s often Christmas in July so the timing for a Valentine’s Day with this August release just seems fitting.

It’s also kind of neat that my second book, Kindling for the Heart, is being published alongside another Gerri Hill book. She has always been one of my favorite authors, and I would have to say that her book, Snow Falls, was my inspiration for writing Kindling for the Heart. The stories are totally different, as are the characters, but the premise of a winter in the bush with lots of snow is similar.  I just loved reading about all of the snow, and cozy cabin that conjured up images of kindling.



Thank you to everyone who reads my books. I’ve written them for you.

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Kindling for the Heart comes out this Thursday, August 16th.

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