Meet some of the leading ladies of Bella Books’ mystery series

One of the great things about Bella mysteries is that we often get to reunite with our leading ladies in another book! Here are some of the detective, amateur (and accidental) sleuths that appear in popular Bella mystery novels.


Ari Adams (created by Ann Roberts) Everything changes for real estate agent Ari Adams when she discovers a dead body at one of her open houses (Book 1 Paid in Full). Readers then follow Ari through mystery after mystery as this amateur sleuth finds herself in many sticky situations.


Shay O’Hanlon (created by Jessie Chandler) Shay runs a popular coffee shop in Uptown Minneapolis and gets her first taste of solving mysteries in Bingo Barge Murder, when she sets out to prove her best friend’s innocence when he’s accused of murder. From there on, she finds herself in more than a few pickles.


Detective Chiara Corelli (created by Catherine Maiorisi) Detective Corelli is one of the newer kids on the Bella block, but she’s a captivating heroine in search of justice. In the first Corelli mystery, A Matter of Blood, Chiara is just back from her second tour in Afghanistan and goes undercover to expose a ring of dirty cops. She continues to fight against the “blue wall” of silence in the second novel, The Blood Runs Cold.


Kate Delafield (created by Katherine V. Forrest) Veteran LAPD Detective Kate Delafield has more than a few cases under her belt. She’s busy solving crimes and risking her life in Los Angeles and trying to hold on to a relationship at the same time.


Carol Ashton (created by Claire McNab) Possibly the most well known and beloved leading mystery lady, Detective Inspector Carol Ashton has a whopping seventeen cases under her belt, starting with her first leading role in Lessons in Murder. Ashton calls Sydney, Australia her home but goes where the cases call her.


Tori Hunter (created by Gerri Hill) While Hill writes many stand-alone mysteries, Detective Tori Hunter plays a starring role in four of her novels. Things kick off in Hunter’s Way, where we find Tori going through detective partners like Kleenex. That all changes when she meets her match in Samantha Kennedy.





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