May’s new releases are oh so sweet

Today spring is in the air and we have three wonderful new titles for you to enjoy.


Alone by E.J. Noyes


Celeste Thorne will be rewarded half a million dollars if she can stay in total isolation for four years. Always a loner, Celeste isn’t stressed about the solitary psychological experiment, and is looking forward to a sweet payday. However, three years in, when she finds Olivia Soldano, an injured hiker in the woods, her world is thrown into disarray. With only the voices in her head as company for three years, Celeste doesn’t know what to believe anymore.



Girl Squad by Kim Hoover 


A Bella debut novel! In a small Texas town in the 1970s, a lazy hot summer becomes something else entirely when Cal Long’s mother goes missing. Teenage Cal, her best friend Rachel, and beautiful newcomer Jane try to get to the bottom of the mystery themselves. As the trio travels across Texas following clues, Cal is drawn to Jane in a way she’s never experienced before. It’s a story of story of friendship, of betrayal, of passion, and awakening.



In the Silences by Rachel Gold


In this new YA novel by Rachel Gold, fourteen-year-old Kaz Adams is a genderqueer teen who loves comic books and hanging out with fellow student and secret crush, Aisha Warren. Through Aisha, Kaz gets a glimpse at the racism that pervades their town. Kaz makes it their mission to stand with Aisha and try to change the culture of discrimination that has become the status quo.


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