May’s new releases are bold and beautiful

It’s time to revel in these new releases, which coincidentally, all begin with the letter B. B for bold, beautiful, bewitching, breathless, and becoming. We have a new release from Tagan Shepard, a debut romance from E.A. Schreiber, and a reissue filled with added goodies from Rachel Gold.


Bird on a Wire by Tagan Shepard

Robin Wren “Birdie” Scott is finally hitting the big time as a musician, but the rest of her life seems to be falling apart. When her mother unexpectedly passes, Birdie leaves her tour to attend the funeral in the small mountain town she left nearly 20 years prior. Birdie is filled with conflicting feelings, which only get more complicated when her childhood best friend and first love reappears in her life.




Breaking Even by E.A. Schreiber

In E.A. Schreiber’s Bella debut, doctoral student Chloe Amden finds herself taking a leave of absense and ending up in a small, coastal town to try and sort herself out. Once she settles in however, she finds an unexpected opportunity at the local high school and a community in Boothbay Harbor, including a mysterious and alluring English teacher.



Being Emily Anniversary Edition by Rachel Gold

It’s the five year anniversary of Rachel Gold’s award winning YA story of Emily, a trans teenager trying to live her true authentic life. This new edition includes updated language, expanded and additional scenes, a new intro, and catching up with Emily ten years later.

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