Malevolent spirits haunt a lesbian couple on a recent episode of “Dead Files”

Ghosts. Spirits. Demons. Paranormal investigators Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan have dealt with their fair share. The unlikely duo (Steve is a retired detective, while Amy is a medium) have been investigating frightening situations for eleven seasons now on Travel Channel’s Dead Files, but if you love ghostly reality shows, you probably already knew that. On a recent episode of their show, Dead Files, titled “Evil Comes Home” Steve and Amy traveled to Colorado Springs to investigate a particularly violent haunting. This episode stood out to me because of the over 100 episodes of the show, the show has rarely featured LGBTQ hauntees. That’s not a criticism on Dead Files, maybe we’re just less haunted? Nevertheless, this episode is quite special because not only does it feature a married lesbian couple, but also the possible spirit of one of their deceased exes.

Jordan and Lori are a couple and amateur paranormal investigators themselves. Jordan reached out to the show when she became convinced that a violent male spirit had attached itself to her after an investigation the year before. Since then, the couple has been tormented with shadow figures, apparitions, and even physical assaults. It has also made both women depressed and angry, to a point where Jordan felt they were at their breaking point and sought help from Steve and Amy.

Source: Dead Files (Amy and Steve)

When Amy walks through the house, she picks up a deceased woman in distress, complaining of severe pain in her head. The description of the woman sounds very much like Lori’s previous longtime partner, Nora. Nora passed away in 2014 after a battle with severe epilepsy. While Amy doesn’t see Nora as causing intentional harm, she doesn’t appear to have moved on after death either, and Lori has even heard her calling out to her for help.

What is so special about this episode, is that we see a lesbian couple dealing with something traumatic and deeply personal, and they are treated as any other couple on the show is – with empathy and respect. A lot more is uncovered in the episode, including the fact that a serial killer used to hunt in the neighborhood and murdered a young woman nearby. Amy is convinced that he has left an imprint of his evil and that’s what is causing so much anger in the home. She is also confronted by a well-dressed woman spirit who wants the couple out of the house by any means necessary. Steve’s investigating leads him to believe that it is an elderly woman who was murdered across the street in the 90s. Amy recommends a reiki master and a shaman to cleanse the house and help untether the evil energy. She also kindly suggests a way to help Nora move on and ease her pain.

In happy news, Jordan and Lori followed Amy’s advice and now feel nothing out of the ordinary in the home. It’s a welcomed happy ending on a show where many guests still deal with hauntings even after Steve and Amy’s help.

You can catch Dead Files on Travel Channel, with new episodes airing Thursdays at 10pm EST.

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    Not sure what this article you wrote was about, but maybe you’d care to comment on Amy Allan’s claim that the demons did not approve of the lesbian lifestyle.
    Season 8 Episode 4, 17:00 – 19:00

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