Maggie Brown on the recipe for her new novel Pursuing Pandora

I like writing about dynamic women who know their own minds, and my latest book, Pursuing Pandora, is no exception. (Make sure to check out a review of another book I wrote that comes from the same recipe – Reinventing Lindsay.)

The story begins when corporate lawyer, Winter Carlyle, goes through a very nasty breakup which leaves her craving a quiet life. Then her Aunt asks her to go to the Silver Fox nightclub, to check on her younger cousin who has a crush on their lounge singer Pandora. She reluctantly agrees.

Pandora is the epitome of a nineteen-forties femme fatale: sexy, mysterious and dangerous. An aging playboy and Russian mobster are also pursuing her. To Winter’s consternation, she finds herself attracted to the singer as well. She soon learns that the high-end club has a not-so-nice underbelly—having ties to the Russian mafia—and has to devise a plan to stop her cousin from haunting the place.

Though the story has a thriller element, the book is essentially a romance.

The cover of Pursuing Pandora by Maggie Brown

I always think writing a book is like cooking. Authors can make it as complicated or as simple as they like. I followed this recipe for Pursuing Pandora.  

Make a full-bodied, robust story with a tangy setting. Add the two main characters: a smoky-hot lounge singer and a sharp zesty corporate lawyer. Marinate with a spicy plot. Throw in a sweet romance, a salt and pepper supporting cast, and then add a nasty ex for a dash of bitters.

Mix well.

Put in the steamer to cook.

Garnish with crispy dialogue.

And presto! You have Pursuing Pandora on a platter.

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