Love stories from Australia in honor of marriage equality

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Yesterday the results from Australia’s Same Sex Marriage survey were announced and there was a celebration to be had down under. Over 60% of respondents voted to legalize same-sex marriage in Australia.


Now it heads to Australia’s Parliament, where hopefully those in power will do well by the will of the people. To celebrate this huge victory, we’re highlighting some of our romances and love stories that take place in Australia. Congratulations! (You can get these eBooks for a discounted price for a limited time.)


Julia’s Song by Ann O’Leary

When music reviewer Julia Moran is tasked with covering the Australian tour of out and proud rock star, Samantha Knight, she discovers a lot about herself in the process. She and Samantha form a bond that goes deeper than just their love of music.



Echo Point by Virginia Hale

After the sudden death of her sister, Libby, a grieving Bron comes back to Australia to take care of her young niece, Annie. When Libby’s best friend Ally comes in to the picture, Bron bristles at Ally’s sudden presence. Just when Bron thinks of taking Annie back with her to Boston, a wild fire begins raging nearby and Bron realizes just how important Ally might be to her after all.


Training Days by Jane Frances

Closeted travel reporter Morgan Silverstone is traversing the Australian outback by train, when she meets a French woman named Marie. Passion sparks between them and another passenger overhears their encounter. Enter Kitty, Morgan’s producer who goes into damage control mode, and Ally, the passanger who overheard the women. Ally won’t say a peep, but Kitty finds herself drawn to the stranger with a lot of miles ahead of them.


Silver Lining by Diane Simmonds

Banker Amanda McIntyre’s career and relationship is a mess, so she flees NYC for Australia at the urging of her best friend Malcolm. When she arrives, it’s Malcolm’s sister Clancy waiting, with a huge chip on her shoulder, not Malcolm. Can these two get over themselves and come to an understanding?


I Can’t Dance Alone by Maggie Brown

Set in the Australian Outback, doctor Sarah Phillips and veterinarian Harriett Roberts, don’t exactly have a meet cute. Sarah’s fresh from the city, and Harriet isn’t about to let some Outback newbie get under her skin. Or will she?


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