Love and laughter: Funny Bella romances

Do you like a little laughter in your love stories? A little playfulness in your romance? Then here are seven books that combine humor and passion to bring you the best of both worlds.


The Comfortable Shoe Diaries by Renee J. Lukas

Sydney Gray should have seen disaster coming, but somehow she’s ended up brokenhearted and jobless, and faced with starting over again after more than decade of being coupled up. So when Ellie Hundersson shows up, she seems way too good to be true. Or maybe, she’s just right.


Growing Up Delicious by Marianne Banks

Jennifer Andersen thought she had left the small town of Delicious behind her, but an unexpected event changes everything and she heads back to face her past, and maybe even her future.


Laughing Down the Moon by Eva Indigo

Practicing Pagan Allura Satou has tried everything to get her out of her funk: charms, rituals, even Laughter Yoga. However, when she meets Shiloh Liebermann on a blind date, things start looking up. Will Allura’s devotion to her faith clash with Shiloh’s, or can these two find some common ground?


Mina Borsalino Flips Out by Sara Marx

Comedian and actress Mina Borsalino is having a rough go after a video of her melting down appears on Youtube. Barred from the set of her comedy show, dumped by her wife, and broke, she heads home to Landon, Iowa to spend some time regrouping. She finds herself begrudgingly teaching music abd working with pageant kids, and much to her surprise, learns about what really matters in life.


The Roundabout by Gerri Hill

Wanting to avoid unwanted lady suitors, Leah Rollins convinces her new frenemy Megan Phenix to fake a romance to put a stop to the propositions. What could possibly go wrong when two people have to pretend to like each other, when they clearly don’t…or do they?


Sugar by Karin Kallmaker

Sugar Sorenson has been so busy trying to make her new cake business a success, the last thing she expects is to watch her dreams go up in a plume of actual smoke. With no home, and no supplies, Sugar doesn’t know what to do. But help is about to arrive in the form of three very different women, each who want to set Sugar’s heart aflame.

Hypnotizing Chickens by Julia Watts

Chrys Pickett left her Appalachian home years ago and didn’t look back, but now her elderly Nanny needs help and Chrys travels home temporarily to help her, and mend her own broken heart in the process.  Now if only she didn’t feel an instant attraction to Nanny’s physical therapist and the tug of the simple life.


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