Lesfic novels about new beginnings

It’s a new year, so what better time to check out novels about new beginnings? Also for a limited time, these ebooks are on sale!

Careful What You Wish For by Jackie Calhoun

Chelsea Danforth Browning left everything behind to start a new life with a woman two states away. When she discovers that her partner has been cheating on her, she’s devasted. In the wake of her heartbreak, Chelsea works to mend her relationships with her adult daughters, find a job editing lesbian books, and forging a new life for herself. Along the way she makes new friends and welcomes love into her life once again.

Like a Book by Bette Hawkins

Librarian Trish Carter is ready to start fresh after a bad breakup in a new town and with a new job. Little did she expect to have her breath taken away on her first day by beautiful author June Williams. When Trish and June team up to work on research for June’s latest book, they find their attraction hard to deny. They set ground rules to keep their relationship friendly, but that’s easier said than done.

Cracking Love by Emily King

Pharmacist Janet Webber moves to they agricultural center of California for a new start and a new job. She meets walnut farmer Gail Lawrence, who not only lights a fire in Janet, but inspires her to follow a culinary dream.

Such Happiness As This by Laina Villeneuve

When Robyn Landry’s eight year relationship falls apart, she decides to lease a horse at a local barn and lose herself in riding and training. When artist and newcomer Grace Warren keeps crossing Robyn’s path, Robyn can’t ignore their connection, but Robyn is still raw from her last relationship. Can these two find a way?

Watermark by Karin Kallmaker

Teresa Mandrell and advertising executive Rayann Germaine’s first meeting couldn’t have gone worse, so much so that Teresa up and leaves the corporate world to fulfill a dream of Fine Arts Management. When she’s laid off, she takes a position at a new design firm and is shocked to see that Rayann is the boss. Rayann couldn’t be more different now than their first encounter, and doesn’t even recall the incident that changed Teresa’s life. As they grow closer as colleagues and more, Teresa uncovers the painful reason why Rayann behaved the way she did when they first met.

The First Robin of Spring by Natalie London

Still haunted by a fire that killed two colleagues, Julie Burke finds a lifeline in an unexpected inheritance in the form of a Queen Anne home in Wisconsin. While now being able to pursue her passion for music, Julie finds her paths crossing more and more with the attractive and captivating Elisabeth de Gramont. Elisabeth is nursing a broken heart however, and is playing her cards close to the vest. But when her ex Vickie starts pursuing Julie, she realizes her feelings for Julie are much more serious than she thought.

New Additions by Becky Harmon

Former cop and foster parent, Cassie Thomas, is about to meet her match in social worker, Kathleen Masters. Well, make that Kathleen and the four teenage girls she’d like to place in Cassie’s care. Will Cassie’s quiet life at her vacation resort be turned upside down by a quartet of new family members and a possible new romance?

Alaskan Bride by D Jordan Redhawk

After the civil war, Bostonian Clara Stapleton finds an eligible man named Jasper to marry. Thing is, he lives in the Alaskan bush and their courtship has been entirely in letters. Jasper’s sister Callie isn’t thrilled about his decision to marry a stranger from across the country, and when he tragically dies, she tries to call off the wedding. She’s too late however, and soon Clara arrives on her doorstep. Despite learning that her betrothed has passed, Clara decides to try to make a life in Alaska, and the two women forge an unlikely alliance.

Being Emily by Rachel Gold

Emily knows who she is, and she wants to go through the rest of high school living her truth as a young trans woman. Attending school in a small town has its challenges, but hope comes in the form of a substitute therapist who encourages Emily to be herself, and a new student named Natalie.

Where there’s a Will by Virginia Hale

After losing her job, forty-year-old Dr. Elizabeth Hordern returns to her hometown to meet the co-inheritor of Australia’s most infamous murder house, The Blaxland Homestead. That person happens to be twenty-seven yr old Dylan O’Connor, the house’s dedicated tour guide. Beth wants to sell the house, but before she announces her intentions, she poses as a tour-goer and then asks for a position on the estate. Dylan is happy to accommodate her and have a new friend who doesn’t know about her complicated past. As they grow closer, Beth’s secret desire to sell looms larger and she must ask herself if a new life with Dylan is worth jeopardizing for the inheritance.

Spring Tide by Robbie McCoy

Former cop Stef Byers is looking to escape her past by traveling the Sacramento River Delta…alone. The endless waterways may not hold the key to moving on however, especially when Stef meets local veterinarian Jackie Townsend.

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