Lesbian fallout propels Beacon Hill Episode 4

After last week’s make-out session interruptus, things get back to business on Episode 4 of Beacon Hill. And if you missed it, you can still read last week’s juicy recap.

Louise and Emily, being as adorable as usual, are reading the wedding announcements when they see the exposé Sara penned about her grandfather. Right at the same moment, Kate walks in, needing the world’s largest black coffee. The ladies attempt to comfort her, but Sara bursts in to try and explain herself. Is it just me, or do lesbians just have a spidey sense about where their exes will show up?

Beacon Hill Episode 4
Look, I know I betrayed your trust and everything, but, that kiss amiright?

After Kate storms out, Louise and Emily turn to comforting Sara. They are like the Switzerland of lesbians. So, what’s Sara’s excuse? Reporters gotta report. She figures that another reporter was going to do it, so why not her. The ladies send her off to fix things.

Sara shows up at Kate’s office, which infuriates Kate. Kate was beginning to think that there might be something between them again, and Sara went and torpedoed that in the blink of an eye. Kate doesn’t understand why Sara wouldn’t have just ignored her meeting with the Senator, and therein lies the core of the issues with these two.

Both women want each other, but they also fiercely protect their careers, which run in opposition to each other. Sara, as much as she doesn’t want to admit it, has a little bit of the Senator’s blood coursing through her veins. And Kate, well, as much as she’s noble, she also acts with her heart instead of her head (more on that later).

When Sara spies an old painting that has some special significance between them, she has a lightbulb moment but it’s too late. She tries to make a final move, but she’s rebuffed by Kate and heads home with her tail between her legs.

Back at Chez Preston, Eric is pissed as his sister. He confronts Sara about the article, and her line about “just doing her job” is going over about as well as it did with Kate. Considering Gramps married the love of Eric’s life, he is pretty sympathetic to dear old grandad. Claire and her glass of scotch interrupt their argument, and she actually sits and kindly listens to Sara.

Sara explains that when she saw the painting in Kate’s office, she realized that Kate was still holding on to a piece of her. Sara wonders out loud if she should just go back to New York, but Claire questions if that’s really what she wants to do, or should do for that matter. Claire asks her flat out if the article was an effort to spite the Senator, a question that brings tears to Sara’s eyes as she realizes that she may have used the woman she loves as collateral damage in the war against her family.

This may be the scotch talking, but I think you royally f$%ed up.

The two women head up to confront the Senator, and he manages to get a few insults in about Claire, which pissed Sara off. As Claire exits with her head held high, Sara sits down to confront her grandfather. He actually applauds the cut-throat nature of the article, but Sara counters with the fact that she’s sticking around to find out what he’s hiding. Her final warning to him: Don’t mess with Kate. Sara’s watching his every move from now on. Oh, and she’s not afraid of him anymore. When she leaves, he calls in a tail on Sara.

Check mate, gramps.

At Kate’s house, she’s venting to her “friend” Laura about Kate. Who here has been a Laura before? Raise your hand. Anyhoo, Laura points out that the article wasn’t actually about Kate at all, but about the corruption of her grandfather. Laura, who isn’t a fan of Sara, actually defends her. Kate pivots, clinging on to Laura like a life preserver and asks her to be her Director of Communications. Laura points out that all anyone would talk about would be Kate sleeping with an employee. Besides the terrible optics, Laura is already considering another job offer, one she can’t tell Kate about.

How do I always get into these situations?

Eric, who actually seems kind of like a kitten in a suit, gets a call from the mysterious Carter. She hasn’t been able to get in to see the Senator and she’s not too happy about that. She mentions rumors of Katherine being named his successor and whoever she works for is not down with that at all. I don’t know who Carter works for but they are INTENSE and I’m a little bit intimidated.

While Kate tries to wash that woman right out of her hair, Laura is sneakily sneaking. She makes a call asking to discuss this mysterious job offer. From the look on her face, she’s about to make a deal with the devil.

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