Lesbian drama satisfies in Beacon Hill Recap

We’re back with another Beacon Hill recap! In this episode, the lesbian drama is only matched by the political drama! And if you missed it, you can still read last week’s soap-tastic recap.

We pick up with Kate (Katherine if you’re nasty) and her “friend” Laura, drinking wine and discussing Katherine’s political aspirations. Does she want to take over for the Senator? Honestly, she’s torn. Kate’s been doing so much good in her district, that she’s worried she’ll lose all that ground if she heads to Washington. Also, her head is swimming about Sara. Laura tries to be a cool “friend” but it gets to her that Kate is still so affected by her ex. Maybe a little smooching and bedroom time will help?

“Can’t tell if that sour taste in my mouth is the wine or all this Sara talk”

Back at Chez Preston, Sara and Diane are cuddled up in bed, but Sara’s mind is someplace else. Diane, whose insecurities seem to pile up by the hour, plays the part of the supportive girlfriend but when talk turns to Kate, it become more difficult to keep on script. Sara does a remarkable job at pretending that her heart isn’t doing loop de loops when Kate is around. My favorite part of this scene is that Sara is wearing a Harvard shirt to bed, because of course she went there. I know she works for a tabloid newspaper, but Sara could break my story, any day. Anyhoo, Sara is stressing because as much as she wants to expose the corruption she knows exists in Massachusetts politics, she also feels a little guilty for potentially taking down her family and worries about what repercussions that could have for Kate.

Beacon Hill recap
“This is fine. Totally fine. Right?”

The next morning, Sara gets out of bed and runs right into Kate in her hallway. Turns out, Kate’s there to see Senator Preston, but you could cut the tension between her and Sara with a knife. Just when you thought that was enough, Diane pops around to say hello and everyone’s soul dies a little.

Speaking of dead souls, Senator Preston (played with aplomb by the great Ron Raines) is cooking up a plan that involves turning Kate into his puppet. Kate, who is smart as hell, sees through his machinations, but can’t help but hear the siren call of being an out lesbian with power in Washington. The Senator wants answers, but Kate is playing it cool…for now.

“Don’t pee on my politics and tell me it’s raining.”

Naturally, Sara is waiting for Kate when she heads out. Feeling burned from their cancelled dinner date, Kate now understands why Sara is as frosty as a snowman in January (ahem, Diane). Sara apologizes for not mentioning her girlfriend earlier, but Kate uses the opportunity to take back her plans to be friends with Sara after all. Their conversation is interrupted, just like their relationship was, by Senator Preston and Kate runs off with her heart beating in her throat.

Sara answers her grandfather’s call but is wary of anything he has to say. He’s quite eager to meet Diane, something Sara is hesitant about, but the ol’ Senator wins out. He turns on the charm with Diane and even promises to pull a few strings for her in the New York theatre scene. Diane, coos and awes, falling for his tricks, but Sara is silently seething and tells him to stay the hell away from Diane. Because he’s so good at listening to others, he immediately calls someone and asks them to dig up everything they can on Diane.

Back in their room, Diane offers to stay another day but Sara gently urges her to go back home. I mean, she has an ex-girlfriend and lots of unresolved feelings to deal with an article to write. Almost as if Diane has read this recap, she flat out asks Sara if she’s still in love with Kate. Sara says of course not with her lips, but her eyes say something else.

Beacon Hill recap
Define, “still in love with”

The men in this series are like dark clouds that roll in and loom over the women, who are frankly just trying to get their dang jobs done. A new cloud appears in the shape of Kate’s father, a Republican politician who strongly discourages her from taking over the Senator’s seat. He promises the party will throw everything they have at her, especially her past relationship with Sara. The unflappable Kate looks thoroughly flapped, but she does speak out for herself and the people she represents. She even calls him out, asking if he’ll be one of the ones to betray her. For once, her father has nothing to say.

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