Lesbian, bi and queer podcasts to add to your queue ASAP

A question I see often on social media is, “what podcasts are you listening to?” With a seemingly endless supply of true crime, current events and self-help podcasts out there, there aren’t as many LGBTQ and specifically queer women focused podcasts as one would hope. However, there are some goodies out there if you are willing to take a look.


Queer as Fiction: Amanda Holland, Ashly Perez and Kirsten King also noticed this and created Queer as Fic as a way to celebrate female desire and highlight lesbian, bi and queer women’s stories. So what’s Queer as Fic all about? Amanda, Ashly and Kirsten take suggestions from their listeners and write, then perform their own fanfiction. They also have a wonderfully fun and comfortable banter throughout.



Queer as Fact: This podcast loves lesbian history, and covers all kinds of LGBTQ content from historical figures to films from Ancient Rome to Anne Lister.




Homoground: Homoground has been around and showcasing LGBTQ music since 2011 and still going strong, so if you love discovering new bands and artists, this podcast has a huge episode list chock full of excellent music.




TAGG Nation Podcast: This terrific podcast is comes from the equally terrific TAGG Magazine, a DC based publication for the queer women’s community. The podcast goes in depth on topics like current events, LGBTQ issues, pop culture, safe sex and much more. They recently celebrated their 100th episode, so you have plenty to catch up on.





Dungeons and Lesbians: D&D players unite! If you love the webseries Critical Role, and role playing table top games, then check out Dungeons and Lesbians with MJ, Fallon, Roy, Bec and Audrey. You’ll follow these plucky players as they tackle a new campaign full of wizards, warriors and of course, lesbians.



Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast: This podcast hosted by Bella writer Heather Rose Jones was inspired by the research that Jones has done when writing historical fiction. Whether you are a writer yourself looking to be inspired or for guidance with historical accuracy, or a listener who loves to nerd out about history and lesbians, you’ll want to check this out. It’s part of the Lesbian Talk Show Network that also has tons of podcasting goodness to listen to.

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