Kristen Stewart is giving us big queer, buzz-cut energy in “Underwater”

Remember when Kristen Stewart was rocking a blonde buzz-cut? Swoon, we all do. Well now we get to see K-Stew in action with her short do, in a new action flick, Underwater. The movie was filmed two year ago, so its January 2020 release is a bit of a mystery (although it might have to do with co-star T.J. Miller’s very public meltdown and treatment of a trans woman critic in 2017). But enough about him, I want to focus on this:

and this.

Underwater is about a group of researchers sent to the ocean floor to, you know, research. After an earthquake (or probably not) strands them there, the crew discovers something big and bad lurking on the bottom. You can catch Underwater on January 10th, 2020.

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