“Kappa Force” is the sorority superhero team we need right now

Remember Rush Week at college? When all the sororities were vying for your attention, handing out flowers and inviting you to house parties? Me neither, but I’m glad Kappa Force does. The thing is, the members of Kappa house aren’t just a sorority – they are also a super secret super hero organization led by lesbian senior Cassidy Clearwater (Alex Fisher) aka Snow Leopard. The team is down a member, Jeanie, who was last seen facing off with the university’s big bad, The Douche. Yes, The Douche.

Freshwoman Jen Silver (Madeline Weinstein), who was raised by her Olympian grandmother and taught to fight, catches the eye of Kappa Force. Could she be the next member of Kappa Force?

The series features multiple queer characters, and a diverse cast of cis and trans characters, all created by queer writer/producer Addison Heimann. According to Heimann, while dealing with a bought of depression and bingewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes, he was inspired to create Kappa Force. ” I created a world I wanted to live in: a world in which a trans woman, an asian woman, a black woman, and a lesbian kick butt and take names, all in the name of feminism…and humor.  I’ve always found the idea of “meta-humor” as a distinctly queer aspect of comedy. You get to wink through the screen, securing a bond that connects actors and audiences, assuring each other that we’re all in on the joke.  I created nothing new, but the reality is, there is a severe lack of queer representation in the genre space, especially with superhero comic fare. By simply putting queer faces in the front of a genre project, getting to play out the tropes that cis straight actors have done for years: that is my kind of visibility.  It literally pulled me out of my depression.”

Kappa Force premieres October 27th on the streaming platforms Pluto TV, XUMO and, Revry, which specializes in queer content.

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