June’s new releases are wonderful and winsome

Today’s the day! We have three new novels to share with you. A steampunk adventure, a taut romance set in the Alpine skiing world, and a small town cover-up with loads of romance.


Gold by E.J. Noyes

When Alpine skier Aspen Archer sustains a career ending injury, she hides herself away at remote Australian resort teaching tourists how to ski. One such tourist is Cate Tierney, who knows exactly who Aspen is, and tries her best to tamp down their sizzling chemistry. But this single mother of a teenage daughter can’t help but be drawn to Aspen, who is hiding a lot of pain and has a tendency to  run when the going gets real.




Demon in the Machine by Lise MacTague

At the height of Britain’s Industrial Revolution, half-demon Briar has been contentedly working away as an archivist, which is worlds away from her chaotic upbringing. However, everything for Briar is about to change when she discovers something sinister hiding away in a new invention. Socialite Isabella Castel is a lot more than meets the eye, and finds an unlikely partner in Briar as they work to expose the secrets hidden in this steampunk thrillride.




The Power to Choose by Sarah Libero

New to the lakeside town of Winchester, Maine, Lisa Owens runs into a very uncomfortable situation at work and turns to cafe owner Carrie Sawyer for help. Together, the two women work to expose a cover up. Lisa assumes her growing feelings for Carrie are unrequited, and things get more complicated when Lisa’s old college crush,Toni, swoops into town.

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