June’s new releases are full of love and promise

It’s that time of month again (our favorite time) and we have three new novels for you to enjoy. A sci-fi romance from Tagan Shepard, a chance encounter by Sheryl Wright, and a debut YA romance from Kate Gavin. We are also re-releasing a Naiad Press title, which is now available in ebook.

Across the Dark Horizon by Tagan Shepard

Major Charlene “Charlie” Hawk is sent to deal with a dangerous prison riot on the moon and rescue the staff, including the kind-hearted warden Gail Moore. If Charlie and Gail can survive the siege it will be a miracle. And if they can do so without falling in love, well, that’s another story.

Cause and Affection by Sheryl Wright

Kara Wexler has just a few days to decide if she wants to accept the position of CEO of her father’s company, a decision that would leave her under her father’s control. Her supportive sibling hatch a plan to get their sis back on track. That’s where down-on-her-luck actress Madeleine Jessepp comes in. She reluctantly accepts the siblings offer of the “Love at First Sight Role” and spends a week on a fantasy date with Kara. But when real feelings happen, how will Kara react when she learns she’s been deceived by everyone?

Full of Promise by Kate Gavin

A Bella debut novel! High school senior Cameron Leoni doesn’t have much time in her busy life for much socializing. She’s helping raise her siblings, working to save for college, and what time is left is dedicated to her big love, soccer. Cameron meets new girl Riley Baker on the first day of try-outs and the girls are immediately drawn to one another. Soon enough, feelings of friendship change into those of love, but Riley is scared to lose her best friend by confessing her true feelings.

6th Sense by Kate Calloway

You can now get this Naiad classic in ebook version! The sixth book in the Cassidy James Mystery Series follows PI Cassidy James as she gets a desperate call for help from her ex, psychologist Maggie Carradine. Maggie has been the witness to two murders, both of which are connected to clients of Maggie’s. Can Cassidy help get to the bottom of these crimes before the killer strikes again?

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