July new releases from Bella are romantic and mysterious

It’s mid-July which means we’re back with more new releases for you! And, wow, do we have some excellent titles. Whether you like your romance with a little mystery or your mystery with a heaping helping of romance, you won’t want to miss these sizzling new titles! (And make sure to check out our June new releases, too!)

Just One Reason by Jaime Clevenger

When Elizabeth “Sam” Samuels is given a chance at inheriting forty-one million dollars from her grandfather—if she follows his stipulations while taking over his family practice—she has to decide if she can persevere in medicine at all. Luckily, there’s a hot doctor on the scene. Terri Anderson has had workplace romances before and she knows better than to get involved with Sam, but getting involved in Sam’s professional life also means getting closer than is safe. With millions of dollars on the line, this really isn’t the time to be falling in love.

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Hero(ine) Addict by Blythe H. Warren

In Blythe H. Warren’s new release, Harper Maxfield is frustrated by her life. She has a girlfriend and a steady paycheck, but she can’t help but feel like she was talked into being someone she doesn’t want to be by said girlfriend. Perhaps the worst part is that her girlfriend is undeniably awesome: a pediatric oncologist who just happens to be totally gorgeous. Harper’s volunteerism is a lifeline and if she can nail the big fundraiser she’s organizing, maybe it will lead to more fulfilling work. And, Harper knows just who to loop in to help her out: Eliot DeSanto. Eliot is a comic book artist whose niece has cancer—her work and her family are all that matter to her. But, when a cutie named Harper asks for Eliot’s help, she can’t say no. The closer they grow, the closer they want to be. Can they overcome their challenges to follow their hearts?

The Quokka Question by Claire McNab

When Kyle Kendall is hired for a boring security gig, things take a wild turn and the academic she’s working for is murdered. Now his very sexy and attractive sister Dr. Penelope Braithwaite wants Kylie to solve the case. Kylie knows she should keep from mixing business with a lot of pleasure with the good doctor—plus she has that whole “love” thing with her business partner. Oh and she still has to solve a murder. Good thing Kylie is an excellent P.I. who’s always been pretty good at multitasking.

This title isn’t a new release, but it is a re-release of the third book in the Kylie Kendall Mystery Series. The book was originally published by Alyson Publications in 2005.

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