January’s new releases will warm you right up

It’s new release time and we have new romances to warm your heart from Becky Harmon, Genevieve Fortin, and Jackie Calhoun.


Brace for Impact by Becky Harmon

Former Army pilot Dex Alexander has made the transition to flying commercial airlines, but she’s still using the same old excuses for avoiding romantic entanglements. US Air Marshall Lucy Donovan has spent the last fifteen years traveling the world with her job but she’s finally ready to settle down. When the two women meet, their connection is undeniable. Can Dex and Lucy get past their own issues to create something meaningful together before Lucy takes off again?



Rising Above by Genevieve Fortin

Engineering geologist, Anais (Ana) Bloom heads to Sainte-Luce-Sur-Mer to study climate change on the shoreline of the Saint-Laurent River. While there, she meets Melodie, the granddaughter of the innkeeper of the White Sheep. Melodie is impulsive with a less-than-pleasant attitude and sees Ana’s presence as a threat to her future for her way of life. When a strong storm hits the community, the two women are forced to take refuge in the inn and each other.



Careful What You Wish For by Jackie Calhoun

Chelsea Danforth Browning left everything behind to start a new life with a woman two states away. When she discovers that her partner has been cheating on her, she’s devasted. In the wake of her heartbreak, Chelsea works to mend her relationships with her adult daughters, find a job editing lesbian books, and forging a new life for herself. Along the way she makes new friends and welcomes love into her life once again.



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