January’s new releases will have you coming in from the cold

New year, and a new batch of books to kick off 2020.

Guardian Angel by Becky Harmon

US ambassador Elizabeth Turner is getting used to her new post in Mauritania, Africa, so when protesters gather around the embassy and gunfire erupts, there are concerns for Elizabeth’s safety. Flagler security agent Angel McTaggart is tasked with keeping Elizabeth safe, and de-escalating the situation outside. The headstrong Elizabeth has an effect on Angel unlike any she’s experienced. Can she keep focused on her job as their connection deepens?

Dirt Nap by Carolyn Elizabeth

Dirt Nap is the second Corey Curtis and Thayer Reynolds romantic thriller, and follow up to Gallows Humor. After sustaining a serious injury on the job, Corey is on restricted duty. But an injury can only hold her back for so long and soon enough she’s deep into a new case that hits close to home. Just as her relationship with Dr. Thayer Reynolds is reaching new heights, Corey’s impulsive nature and unforeseen events could threaten to tear the two apart.

Vacation People by Cheri Ritz

A Bella debut novel! Successful Chicago-based artist Lauren Hansen finds herself on a layover in Vegas and suddenly dumped by the partner she was supposed to be heading on vacation with. Similarly broken-hearted Penny Rothmoor agrees to a dinner with Lauren as a favor to her mother, but soon finds herself on a plane heading to Hawaii to meet up again with Lauren…but just as friends. Well, a king bed and a week of bikinis and no strings attached passion is a recipe for a lot more.

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