It’s love on the soccer field with these 8 romances and mysteries

Seeing the real-life romances of women’s soccer teams around the world feels almost as sweet as scoring an elusive goal. If your heart is still soaring from the World Cup, check out these romances and mysteries where soccer plays a major role. These ebooks are also on sale for a limited time.

Painted Over by Sofi Keren: Years ago, Paige and Ria were the best friends, but a shocking event ended their friendship senior year of college. The women grew to be successes in their fields, Paige became an artist and Ria a star soccer player, and a chance meeting years later has them cautiously considering a reconciliation. However, things promise to get complicated with the arrival of Ria’s ex, and a glamorous gallery owner, who definitely wants more than just Paige’s work.

Beautiful Game by Kate Christie: For college sophomore Camille Wallace, 1991 hold much promise on and off the field. What she didn’t expect however was all-star tennis player Jess Maxwell to come into her life and start shaking things up. Jess pushes Camille to embrace her full potential and be herself, but it might be more than Camille can risk.

Solstice by Kate Christie: Sam Delaney’s like is going according to plan, but the death of her brother has threatened to throw her off her carefully constructed axis. Emily Mackenzie is happy to spend the summer checking out women and prepping for her new position as an assistant soccer coach in the fall. When the two women meet they realize that they have crossed paths before: when they played high school soccer together.

Whacked, Ditched, Toasted by Josie Gordon: The Lonnie Squires trilogy of mysteries! Lonnie is a Vice Principal with a deep devotion to all things soccer. She often finds herself smack dab in the middle of a mystery in this humorous and delightful series.

Stranded by Blayne Cooper: Rachel Michaels co-hosts a popular morning radio show with her husband, but trading barbs with her ex is getting old. She’s thrilled to embark on a new second job, as a commentator for Denver’s women’s soccer team.

Full of Promise by Kate Gavin: High school senior Cameron Leoni doesn’t have much time in her busy life for much socializing. She’s helping raise her siblings, working to save for college, and whatever time is left is dedicated to her big love: soccer. Cameron meets new girl Riley Baker on the first day of try-outs and the girls are immediately drawn to one another. Soon enough, feelings of friendship change into those of love, but Riley is scared to lose her best friend by confessing her true feelings. 

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