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Naiad Press was first established in 1973 and brought lesbian publications directly to the masses, since few bookstores would carry books about lesbian lives. Bella proudly offers many of these Naiad titles, giving us an opportunity to help carry on the legacy first started by these pioneering women. Right now, these ebooks are on sale for a limited time.



Wedding Bell Blues by Julia Watts (Originally published in 1999)

When her partner Charlotte passes, Lily risks losing custody of their daughter Mimi to Charlotte’s family. Marrying her gay trust fund baby neighbor Ben would help, in particular Ben’s powerful family. Now they just need to convince Ben’s family of the ruse, and it doesn’t help that a beautiful veteranarian enters the pictures and offers Lily a chance at something she thought was gone forever.



The Other Woman by Ann O’Leary (Originally published in 1999)

Tall, athletic Joanna Kingston may have many lovers come and go but her heart remains under lock and key. Fiona Maddison is determined to forge a platonic friendship with Joanna, but that’s easier said than done when the sexual tension between them continues to build.



Under the Southern Cross by Claire McNab (Originally published in 1992)

American travel agent Lee Paynter is out and proud, but a love em and leave em kind of gal. Closeted Alexandra Findlay works in Australian tourism and is assigned to accompany Lee on her trip down under in order to win her business. These two opposites attract, and both women challenge each other in ways they never expected.



Time and Time Again by Catherine Ennis (Originally published in 1996)

While exploring an old deserted house, Millie uncovers a battered suitcase filled with women’s clothes, a train ticket, and a love letter from another woman. Millie’s girlfriend Ellen is fascinated by the find, but little does Millie realize that her search into the past would distract her from her present.



Yellowthroat by Penny Hayes (Originally published in 1988)

Take a trip back in time to the Gold Rush days in New Mexico Territory. Margarita Sanchez is determined to exact revenge on the men who killed her husband and caused her to lose their ranch. She and three men take their revenge by planning a series of stagecoach robberies. When one robbery goes terribly wrong, she takes passenger Julia Blake hostage. She soon begins having an emotional attachment to Julia, which becomes more, something unthinkable to Margarita.



Courted by Celia Cohen (Originally published in 1997)

At first, Officer Wendy Lynn Kotter thinks being personal security for a hot women’s tennis player sounds like a sweet assignment, but it doesn’t take long before the rude and demanding Alie de Ville makes her change her mind. However, Alie is also a player off the courts, has her sights set on a certain cop.


Wild Things by Karin Kallmaker (Originally published in 1996)

Scholar and award-winning author Faith Fiztgerald thinks she has everything…until she meets her boyfriend’s sister, Sydney Van Allen, an open lesbian who is running for senate. Sydney is immediately drawn to Faith too, but with a campaign in full swing, she can’t have any liaisons, especially not with her brother’s fiancee. Easier said than done.



Claire of the Moon by Nicole Conn (Originally published in 1993)

Claire Jabrowski, is tired of a life of one-night stands. Her roommate at a writer’s retreat, Dr. Noel Benedict, is a therapist who cannot heal her own loss and despair. The two women work through a lot of denial and hardship, to uncover a heated desire between them.


Curious Wine by Katherine V Forrest (Originally published in 1983)

A lesbian romance classic, and a novel of first discovery.



Once More with Feeling by Peggy J. Herring (Originally published in 1995)

After eight years together, Laura’s relationship with her girlfriend Mavis falls apart thanks to Mavis’ cheating ways. Laura takes refuge with close friends Jolly and Wanda in Hawaii. She starts to find some healing on her own, but Mavis still has a hold on her. When Robin enters Laura’s life, she’s taken by the new and loving new presence, and Mavis is shocked to find her hold over Laura loosening.



Captive Heart by Frankie J. Jones (Originally published in 1999)

Twenty-eight-year-old CJ Riley has no responsibilities and she likes it that way. Living off her father’s money, she’s used to getting what she wants. When CJ is pulled over by San Antonio Police Officer Lois Franklin, she can’t charm her way out of that situation, and becomes intrigued by by0the-book cop.



Never Say Never by Linda Hill (Originally published in 1996)

Computer analyst Leslie Howard breaks her own rule about falling for straight women when she meets new co-worker, Sara Stevens. Leslie is hesitant to come out to Sara after a previous experience left her hurting, and when she does, her fears are validated as Sara cuts off their friendship. When Leslie seeks solace in the arms of another woman, Sara finds herself having to confront her own hidden feelings of attraction to Leslie.

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