In the Polish webseries “Control” former lovers reunite after a chance meeting

A big hat tip to DiableAuCorps on Twitter who introduced me to this new Polish webseries. Control (or Kontrola) is written and directed by Natasza Parzymies, and introduces us to leads Maja and Natalia at the airport where Natalia works. Natalia (Ada Chlebicka) is security, a sort of TSA-like employee, and runs into Maja (Ewelina Pankowska) when she is forced to do a pat-down of her. Their intense moment of reconnection is shattered when Natalia realizes Maja is traveling with her boyfriend, Antek.

The series jumps backwards and forwards in time, telling us how Natalia and Maja met and fell in love, to their painful breakup after Maja cheats. In the present, Maja and Natalia’s reunion is charged with electricity and the two find their way back into each other’s lives, but at what cost?

According to Control‘s Instagram, this is the first lesbian Polish webseries, and it’s beautifully shot and acted. Based on the intro, it looks like the series has some serious support behind it including the Warsaw Film School, Panavision Poland and more. You can watch episodes 1-5 now on Youtube, with Episode 6 listed as coming soon.

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