If you love your webseries with a healthy dose of sci-fi, check out “Passage”

Agent Ali Prader sees dead people. Lots of dead people. She’s a specialist in a top secret government force that deals with the paranormal, and more specifically, the dead. Ali (Shannan Leigh Reeve) is haunted by her past and present, but that’s all part of the job. Sometimes, it’s personal too, and this queer mother of a young girl has a gift that some would consider a curse. While part of her job is helping the dead pass on to the afterlife by solving unresolved mysteries or strife, there’s also big bad on the horizon dead set (excuse the pun) on destruction and the people she trusts are keeping secrets.

Passage the Series was written by Hillary Esquina, and chosen as the winner of Tello Film’s Pitch to Production competition. Directed by Tello’s Christin Baker, and starring Reeve, Mandahla Rose, and Nicole Pacent, this webseries is chock full of queer talent. The sci-fi/mystery/romance has a lot to offer, in particular a very likable cast. It’s especially fun to see Rose play a nerdy newbie on the force, who piques the interest of Ali. I won’t reveal more of the story because it’s something you’ll want to experience yourself.

All five episodes of Season One are available now on Tello Films.

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