If you love these classic 80s fantasy flicks, try these Bella books

It’s officially chilly and the perfect time to catch up on classic films with a cup of hot chocolate (or a glass of wine). With 80s nostalgia at an all time high with things like Stranger Things and the Star Wars reboots, we found some Bella books that you might just love if you like these 80s movies. Of course, these selections also feature women loving women characters, so double score. You can also get these books for a discounted price for a limited time!


If you like The Princess Bride, you’ll love The Shieldmaiden by GL Roberts: Dashing heroes, sword fighting, romance? This book has it all, and its sequel comes out in January.


If you like Willow, try Return to Isis by Jean Stewart: Both of these stories star a farmer who is much more than meets the eye, and a land full of mystical power and adventure.


If you like Legend, try Bitter Heart by Mary Griggs: While Bitter Heart takes place in space, both revolve around a woman trying to save her people from evil and enslavement. Also no unicorns were harmed in the making of either.


If you like Excaliber, try Daughter of Mystery by Heather Rose Jones: The first book in the Alpennia series has the kind of bravado and excitement that we associate with the swashbuckling of the Round Table. Proud knights, strong women, and magic. Lots of magic.

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