If you love “Killing Eve” you’ll want to check out these thrilling crime novels

The new BBC America series, Killing Eve, is everyone’s new obsession. The tale of a brilliant MI-5 officer tasked with bringing down an unpredictable and deadly female assassin has been getting rave reviews and much love from fans. Eve Polastri (played by the wonderful Sandra Oh) and the bisexual Villanelle/Oksana (an in her element Jodie Comer) develop a connection with one another that is at times exciting, other times frightening, but always fascinating.

If you are loving this series, you’ll want to check out these Bella suspense/thriller novels that will not only keep you on the edge of your seat, but feature a lot of lesbian ladies to love. Oh, and these ebooks are on sale right now too!


Queen of mysteries, Gerri Hill’s Devil’s Rock has a serial killer on the loose in peaceful Sedona. Detective Tori Hunter has been tracking him for ages, but she’ll need local Deputy Andrea Sullivan’s help to stop him for good.


Killing Eve is full of spies and double crosses, and so is this sequel to Steel Eyes. Kenna Waverly aka Steel Eyes is a super spy forced back in the game in order to protect the identity and lives of American agents. Along the way, she is partnered with Alice, and the two have a past. With lives on the line and romantic tension abounding, you won’t be able to put this book down.



Denver detective Jake McCoy and Psychologist Nicole Westbrook share a steamy one-night stand while on vacation in mountains. Soon however, the women meet again when a serial murdered begins to terrorize Denver. Working together proves a passionate experience.


Who’s on what side? That’s a question viewers are often asking themselves in Killing Eve, and that’s the crux of Maoirisi’s A Matter of Blood too. NYPD Detective Chiara Corelli is tasked with busting up a ring of crooked cops, but when her mission is aborted, she becomes a target herself. Can she trust her new partner, Detective P.J. Parker?


With seventeen books in the series, McNab’s Detective Carol Ashton has been keeping busy with mysteries and murders. Follow Carol Ashton as she solves crimes and goes toe to toe with fascinating and mysterious women.


There’s a serial killer in Brisbane, and Det. Rachel Anderson has her hands full. Journalist Mac Griffith has experience in exposing dirty deeds herself, but when her twin sister disappears, it becomes personal. Det. Anderson and Mac reluctantly team up to stop the murderous madman before he can kill again.

Anticipation by Terri Brenneman

A confessed serial killer is accidentally released and the decision proves deadly for someone close to the case. Attorney Toni Barston is on high alert and is assigned a female detective to watch out for her as she becomes the killer’s next target.



1st Impressions by Kate Calloway

Rookie private investigator Cassidy James has her work cut out for her when she is hired to find the killer of a wealthy man in a lakeside town. She’s hired by the man’s niece, Erica Trinidad, who also happens to be the number one suspect.


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