If you like “The Haunting of Hill House” you’ll love these ghostly Bella books

October is the time for ghost stories and if you’ve been bingeing Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House, then you should definitely check out these spooky Bella ghost stories. Right now, these ebooks are on sale!


The Consequence of Murder by Nene Adams


Something awakens in Investigator Mackenzie Cross when she discovers a mummified corpse. Now gifted with the ability to see and hear things not of this world, Mackenzie knows that an angry ghost wants her help to bring her murderer to justice. Normally she would turn to her best friend, sheriff’s deputy Veronica Birdwell, but explaining you can now talk to the dead would complicate an already complicated situation: Mackenzie is in love with Veronica, who is straight and off-limits.



When Grey Graham suspects her new bookstore is haunted, she hires psychic Angie June to help get rid of the ghost. However, when June begins helping Grey, she finds it’s not only the supernatural that’s drawing her to the bookstore.


In Hill’s chilling sequel to Keepers of the Cave, FBI Agents and couple, CJ Johnston and Paige Riley, are sent to investigate a murder that has too many similarities to a case from over a decade before, to be a coincidence.


This short story collection is full of supernatural, ghostly and erotic stories from your favorite authors.




Laughter on the Wind by SL Harris

College student Rebecca Wilcox is on the search for clues about a disturbed grave in a haunted cemetery. Those clues lead her to fellow student Olivia Harmon, and the two team up to solve the mystery, uncover buried mysteries, and explore the connection they share.




And don’t miss upcoming October release, Lex Files by Celeste Castro. Special Agent Winifred Ford of the FBI is on the search for something (a ghost? a supernatural beast?) that’s been terrorizing a small town in rural Idaho. State Fish & Wildlife Officer Daya Soto joins Winnie in the hunt, along with her trusty sidekick, Lexy, a Karelian Bear Dog. Both women have very different ways of looking at the world, but can they come together to solve this mystery? Lex Files is available for pre-order.

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