If you like “Gentleman Jack” then you’ll love these historical lesbian romances

The HBO/BBC series Gentleman Jack, about the life and loves of Anne Lister, is making a huge splash and getting terrific reviews. If the show which takes place in the early 1800s is exactly your cup of tea, then you may want to check out these historical romances from Bella writers. Ebook versions of these novels are on sale now for a limited time!


Take a trip back to the late 1800s, where Emilie Levesque and Angeline Fournier forge a bond while working together in a textile mill. That bond is what keeps them strong under the back breaking conditions of the mill, and the oppressive expectations of women during that time. In this family-focued romance, the women are eventually separated but fate will bring them together once again.
After the civil war, Bostonian Clara Stapleton finds an eligible man named Jasper to marry. Thing is, he lives in the Alaskan bush and their courtship has been entirely in letters. Jasper’s sister Callie isn’t thrilled about his decision to marry a stranger from across the country, and when he tragically dies, she tries to call off the wedding. She’s too late however, and soon Clara arrives on her doorstep. Despite learning that her betrothed has passed, Clara decides to try to make a life in Alaska, and the two women forge an unlikely alliance.
Frances Moriarty left her life and love in famine-ravaged Ireland behind and travelled to New York where she’s barely surviving as a shoe shine boy. When word travels to the city of possible riches and a better life in California, she heads out to seek her fortune in the Gold Rush.
Pregnant and unmarried, nineteen year old Aidan Blackstone is sent away to the frontier by her family. Sent to be help to the Bodett family in Kansas, when Aidan arrives she finds that influenza has tragically taken all but one member of the family: Jocelyn. Now Aidan must join Jocelyn in an effort to save the farm and survive in the harsh realties of the day.
Neighbors and socialites Clara Battersley and Serena Coleridge become fast friends. They also become lovers, a secret they keep between them. When London’s ball season begins, the two women are excited to embark on the whirlwind of events, but Serena’s family soon loses much of their fortune with Napoleon’s escape from Elba. The two women are separated, and now must choose between conforming to their families’ wishes, or finding a way to go with their own hearts.
In this early 19th century London romance, Charity Bellingham visits London for the Season and meets the beautiful Isobelle Greenaway. Through their connection, Charity learns things she never expected about London society, slavery, and herself. However, her introduction to The Sisterhood, a secret society of ladies, is what will change the course of Charity’s life forever.
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    Great set of books.
    I loved Gentleman Jack

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