If you are into YA films and TV shows, try these Bella books

YA movies and television shows are everywhere now, and most are based on novels of their own. The problem is, there’s still not a ton of LGBTQ YA content yet. There’s hope on the horizon however with the popularity of Love, Simon and the critically acclaimed adaptation of The Misadventures of Cameron Post. If you love YA films and television shows from apocalyptic shows to mysteries to love stories, you’ll want to check out these Bella YA and new adult novels. Right now, the books featured are also on sale!


SL Harris Laughter in the Wind has a dash of the mysteries that enthralled in the Pretty Little Liars series, with college student Rebecca Wilcox on the search for clues about a disturbed grave. When those clues lead her to fellow student Olivia Harmon, the two team up to solve the mystery. After living a closeted existence in order to keep the peace in her family, Olivia stops hiding when the truth about her family starts to reveal itself and her connection with Rebecca deepens.

In Just Girls by Rachel Gold, cis lesbian Jess Tucker steps up to protect a trans student living in her dorm. With rumors swirling, Jess lies and says she’s the trans student to try and stop the incessant rumors and animosity by fellow students. Ella Ramsey is just trying to live her life and make friends when she sees a slur painted on Jess’ door and realizes it was meant for her. In this follow up to Gold’s Being Emily, Jess and Ella forge ahead and learn how to navigate the complicated landscape of being young women in the world.

If you love dystopian thrillers,  D. Jordan Redhawk‘s Orphan Maker has what you’re looking for. A plague has wiped out much of the human race and Marissa Loomis is a young survivor in a refuge called Lindsay’s Crossing. Newcomer Gwen shows up and is drawn to the mysterious and compelling Marissa, but newcomers aren’t welcome and there’s much more to Marissa than meets the eye.

For lovers of a more traditional girl meets girl YA romance, The Story Thief by Shari McNally is a modern Cinderella story with a twist. Ella Armstrong has long pined for the Rebel Queen of the school, Renee Hammond, resigned to stay on the sidelines. When the sweet Diane Lacey comes into Ella’s life, Ella realizes she might just be able to have a fairytale ending after all.


Blind Side of the Moon by Blayne Cooper is perfect for those who love YA or new adult shows and films with a mystical bend like The Magicians or Stichers.  High school junior Samantha Blackwell has been experiencing haunting dreams which only deepen when she spends the summer working in her family’s psychic reading shop. Her dreams of a classmate named Jane show a young woman being stalked by a dangerous person. Jane Hutchens is the black sheep of her popular and powerful family, and her coming out isn’t taken well by them at all. When she starts receiving messages from a secret admirer, she’s flattered. Samantha steps up to try and protect Jane from what she’s seen in her visions, and both girls are pulled into something much bigger than they ever imagined.

My Year Zero by Rachel Gold will appeal to fans of coming of age films like Love, Simon and The Edge of 17. New college student Lauren really wants to find a girlfriend and gets more than she bargained for when she finds herself the object of two young women’s affection. Sierra and Blake couldn’t be more different, but Lauren is drawn to each for different reasons. Lauren has been living with bipolar disorder, as does Blake, but their connection complicates the relationship Lauren is trying to build with Sierra.

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