How Tracey Richardson’s new medical romance “Heartsick” came to be

What would you do if you found out your partner was cheating?

Heartsick is a medical romance novel, and my 11th novel with Bella Books, but it’s much more than the traditional girl-meets-girl in a hospital setting followed by the happily ever after we all love and expect.

I decided after Delay of Game that my next romance novel would be a medical romance. Readers love them and so do I. Several characters from my previous novels feature a doctor as one of the MC’s (No Rules, Last Salute, By Mutual Consent and even The Wedding Party). But I was chomping at the bit to write a full-fledged medical romance/drama.

At a writing retreat more than a year ago with a group of my local writing buddies, we sat around the dinner table after a long day of writing to chat about what each of us was working on. I asked everyone the question I posed at the opening of this blog, and the discussion grew quite animated and emotional. Everyone had an opinion. And everyone’s attention was riveted. Bingo! I had the storyline I wanted.

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In Heartsick, paramedic Angie Cullen and ER doctor Victoria Turner are ambushed with the discovery one night in the ER that their respective partners are cheating—with each other. I won’t give away any spoilers (because I really want you all to buy the book and read it!), but suffice to say that Angie and Vic embark on a journey of heartbreak, recovery, friendship, and eventually love. And while the subject matter is painful, it’s also life, and writers don’t shy away from life’s tough stuff (or at least this author doesn’t). Ultimately, I wanted to show in Heartsick that love can come unexpectedly and can even emerge from the ashes of pain and betrayal.

So buckle up everyone for a story about love and betrayal set in the frenetic pace of a hospital emergency room.

Heartsick debuts on December 14th, but you can pre-order it now.

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