How to plan an epic “Carmilla Movie” viewing party

Dear beloved reader,


You have been cordially invited to a Carmilla Movie viewing party because you

  1. are a light averse octogenarian with extreme hemoglobin deficiency and really good skin
  2. eat your Chokoa Crunch with type AB negative soy milk
  3. are partial to broody Byronic hero types, or
  4. all of the above.

Festivities will commence on October 26th at which time party-goers are expected to eat, drink, and be gay. Suuuuper gay. If you are so inclined to accept this challenge, we have created a list of ideas below that will ensure your Carmilla Movie release party is as successful as using “quixotry” in scrabble.

Buckle up, Creampuffs. We’re in for a fun night.


Décor and Ambience

The past three seasons of Carmilla have given us three distinct settings rife with Carmilla-themed party inspiration. Combine this with a movie trailer that features a setting just as distinct and complex and you get a wide range of décor ideas certain to delight any Summer, Zeta, or vampire you invite to the party.

  • Invitations – Before the party even begins, we recommend inviting your friends with an invitation written in calligraphy on antiqued stationery and sealed with red stationery wax. If, however, snail mail won’t do, then send your friends an e-vite of multiple choice reasons for why they should attend your party.
  • Music – Create a playlist filled with members from the Silas glee club for your guests to listen to while they wait for the movie to begin. And don’t forget to include that theme song we all know and love.
  • Candles – In general, candles are a perfect way to create ambience regardless of the occasion. But if perhaps you need to raise that ambience to the level of broody gothic princess, we suggest three ideas. First, get white and red candles. Burn the red candles until the wax is melted. Pour the red wax over the top of the white candle to create the appearance of blood dripping down from its edges. Second, find some empty glass bottles or wine bottles (use Erlenmeyer flasks for a LaFontaine theme) and place candle sticks into the opening. When they are lighted, the wax will drip down the bottle making a very gothic (or 90’s grunge depending on your age) effect. Last, and perhaps easiest, find some clear tea light votives and either white or black lace or doilies. Cut the lace or doilies to size and wrap them around the votives using clear tape as adhesive. Place the tea lights inside the votives and light them for an effect even an angler fish would be envious of.


  • Feather in vases – This one is pretty explanatory. Grab that flower vase that sits on the counter collecting dust and fill it with large feathers with volumous plumes. If the muse of Martha Stewart is particularly strong within you, then fill a floor vase with gnarly twigs that are sure to cast creepy shadows on the wall once all your candles are lighted.
  • Garlic wreath – If you intend to keep the vampires at bay, or if you just want to give your guests a giggle, purchase a grapevine wreath frame from your local craft store, dig out your hot glue gun, and fill a grocery bag with bulbs of garlic from your local grocer.   Glue the bulbs to the wreath and hang it on your wall or door.


  • Centerpieces – Seeing as how the Carmilla Movie is set in what looks like the early 19th century and Season 3 took place in a library, a center piece of old books, especially those written by the Brontes, would serve as the perfect base for a coffee table or dinning table centerpiece. Stack the books one on top of the other, and cover the corners with the cobweb fluff stuff that can be found in any Halloween aisle of any store. On top of the stack place a Masquerade mask – you can make one of these by covering a generic plastic or fabric mask with glitter, stick-on gems, and feathers. If the mask idea is too intense, then substitute it for a pair of plastic Harry Potter glasses with a cracked lenses. Just try using them to read the writing on the wall.


Party Snacks

We enjoy a beef jerky casserole as much as the next Creampuff, but if your tastes are for something a little less vending machine gourmet, then allow us to suggest these tasty treats.


  • Creampuffs – Obviously. But if your town doesn’t have a bakery or patisserie that bakes and sells this confection, then follow the directions for this quick and easy recipe and get your Mary Berry on.
  • Vampire-bitten Cupcakes – Make like a sentient campus library and apparate a cupcake with vanilla icing. Use something small and pointy, like the tip of a knife or a Q-tip and poke two shallow, fang-sized holes in the icing. Paint the holes with red food coloring or red gel icing.


  • Black Cat CookiesThis recipe is a purrrfect addition to the party.
  • Roasted garlic – Roasted garlic has many applications, so we are including in our list for those who want savory options to go along with the sweet. The best way to roast garlic, after shelling it of course, is to toss it in some EVOO, spread the cloves over a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, and cook at 400 degrees. The garlic is roasted when its edges are golden brown. Roasted garlic is soft enough to be spread straight onto bread or mixed into hummus, among other things. Eating it will also ensure you are as unappealing to a vampire as Laura wearing a batwing bracelet.
  • Cerebrospinal fluid – Otherwise known as cheesy dip. Get some Velveeta, cut it into slices, and melt it in a pot with some milk or cream. Stir constantly. Kick it up a notch by adding either a handful of shredded cheddar, or beer, or both (we prefer using an amber ale if possible). Serve your cerebrospinal fluid with soft pretzels or tortilla chips and try not to be drawn towards the large glowing light in the backyard.



Don’t forget to try these drinks to wash down the tears . . . er . . . the snacks.


  • Champagne – Obviously. Really any will do, but if you are unfamiliar with champagne terminology, use this website as a guide. If you prefer something slightly sweeter than champagne, then give Prosseco a try – it’s delicious.
  • Fizzy Dagon – This Silas University party favorite is made by mixing Dagon Lager (yes, this is actually a thing) with Sambuca. Try it at your own risk.
  • Grape soda – for the designated drivers at the party or those not yet 21, offer this Laura Hollis favorite.
  • Blood Orange Juice and a splash of seltzer. Another option for those looking for an alcohol free drink.

The next few drinks were suggested courtesy of Audrey Coulthurst (@audwrites) and Paula Garner (@paulajgarner).

  • Vampire Slayer – Mix up your favorite version of a Bloody Mary. Paula suggests you then add minced garlic or garlic salt to create a drink fit for any Summer.
  • Boulevardier 12 – The recipe for this drink can be found here. Audrey recommends exchanging the Pernod for Absinthe. Do this, and you can change the name of the drink to something worthy of a Paris vacation.  Might I suggest “Tainted Love”.
  • I Loved You at Your Darkest – speaking of love, how perfect is the name of this drink?  Take it from me, any drink made with Bookers is bound to be amazing. Recipe found here.


If for whatever reason Bob the Giant or Mr. Hollis are unavailable to transport tipsy party-goers home, then please ensure that, as the host of your party, everyone attending has either a safe way to get home or accommodations for the night.

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions, and if you have any Carmilla Movie viewing party ideas of your own, please comment below – perhaps someone could make Carmilla bingo boards and share them with the rest of class prior to the film’s release. And, for posterity’s sake, we greatly encourage our readers and fellow Creampuffs to share pictures of your party with us.


Pat yourself on the back, Creampuffs. We made a movie!

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