How an obsession with flight inspired E.J. Noyes’ newest romance

I have two confessions to make. 

The first is that I’m an unrepentant mind-wanderer. My thoughts can easily end up miles away from where theystarted, and this brain meandering is how most of my novel ideas come about. Turbulence was a little bit different, which leads to my second confession. I’m a HUGE plane nerd. Being in or near an aircraft turns me into an excitable, babbling mess. I’m that person who looks up whenever a plane passes overheadthen stares until it’s out of sight

One day, doing just that, I had a thought about pilots which oddly (but not surprisingly for me) morphed into,“How awkward would it be to see your one-night stand piloting your flight the next day?” Bravo, presto! The idea for Turbulence was born. Don’t tell my wife, but part of the reason I chose to focus on writing this particular book was so I could finally take flying lessons, all in the name of research.

As novels are prone to do, Turbulence changed a bit over time and pages of technical aircraft and flying information was lost in favor of more romance (I know, the horror!). But aside from the plane stuff, the thing I enjoyed the most about writing this novel was that the characters, Isabelle and Audrey, start with sex. For me, writing two women working backwards from sex rather than towards it was different and incredibly fun. 

Now, if you need meI’ll be at the viewing area at the end of the runway watching planes.

Turbulence comes out on October 12th, and you can pre-order it now!

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