Holiday Gift Guide: A Very Fandom Christmas

Do you have a special fandom lover in your life? Someone that adores TV, film, and all things gay and geeky? Well then you’ll want to check out these online shops where they are serving up apparel, art, and much more.


Think Geek

This megastore of geekdom features presents for lovers of Star Wars, Stranger Things, Harry Potter and more. They have gifts under twenty, and pricier pieces too.

Featured: Darth Vadar Women’s Blazer $99.00


Her Universe

This women owned fashion site is making the coolest clothes with a nerdy spin, and they feature a great selection of plus sizes as well, so everyone can look fabulous.

Featured: DC Wonder Woman Satin Jacket Plus Size ($62.23 on Black Friday)


Bubble and Geek

This Etsy shop features candles, lip balm, scents, and gifts of all kinds. Have a Harry Potter fanatic in the family? They have a set of scented candles, each representing one of the Hogwart’s houses. Their soaps and lip balms are perfect for stocking stuffers. Oh, and everything is vegan too.

Featured: River’s Kiss Scented Soap $6.00


Fangirl Shirts

If you’re part of the Earper community then you’ve probably heard of Fangirl Shirts. This women owned apparel company makes shirts and more for Wynonna Earp, Lost Girl, and many other fandoms. They also offer clothes that benefit certain charities.

Featured: Lost Girl Fangirl Shirt $20.00


Diana Benitez Fan Art

Diana is a popular self-taught fan artist who focuses on lesbian and bisexual pairings and lots of fun AU (alternative reality) scenes. Her work is available on Redbubble, with phone cases, t-shirts, posters, and coffee mugs.

Featured: Lumber Girlfriends various prices

Kira Beaudoin

Kira is an artist known for her unique style who covers fandoms like Person of Interest, Lost Girl, and Buffy.

Featured: Root and Shaw Print Pack $9.00

Valentine Smith

Canadian artist Valentine Smith’s work has been featured by Carmilla, and she’s become one of the most recognizable artists around. Fans of San Junipero, Orphan Black, and Wynonna Earp will want to check out her prints.

Featured: Episode 4 $15.00 – $20.00

Butch and Sissy

This funky fan shop has t-shirts, enamel pins, stickers and patches to fill someone’s stocking with fandom goodness.

Featured: The L Word Names Shirt $24.00+

Gal Pal Stitches

This fandom inspired shop is relatively new, but they have some great pieces for fans, including an homage to the famous “Tacos are Tasty” line in Wynonna Earp. Check out the handmade messenger bags, perfect for someone who carries around their laptop, books, and more.

Featured: Tacos are Tasty beanie $15.00



Does someone you love adore minimalist style? Then check out this Etsy store where they are making minimalist portraits of their favorite characters, from Willow Rosenberg to Waverly Earp.

Featured: Kadema Print $22.oo



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