“Hilarious” “Invaluable:” Bella Books reviews are in

Reviews of Bella Books are in again and reviewers are loving our books! From a Hollywood Hills romance to the unlikely pair of a queenpin and her gubernatorial love, our new releases are sure to please! But don’t take it from us—read what reviewers have to say!

Best of lists

For those of you looking for particular kinds of books, never fear! We’ve got books on all kinds of “best of” lists! The team over at The Lesbian Review has listed their favorite fauxmance books, naming both Tracey Richardson‘s By Mutual Consent and Gerri Hill‘s Keepers of the Cave as two of their favorites. Also on The Lesbian Review, Tara Scott shared the 10 best second chance romances, including Tracey Richardson‘s Delay of Game on the list. Finally, Lambda Literary included both #CassiNova by Lori G. Matthews and The Stars at Night by Gerri Hill on their most anticipated books for November. These may not technically be reviews, but they sure are ringing endorsements!

Reviews of November new releases

Reviews of our piping hot new releases (which just came out last week!) are in and they are very positive.

#CassiNova by Lori G. Matthews was given 5 stars by reviewer nutmeg on NetGalley, who writes “The book is hilarious. I showed a lot of teeth while reading, could not contain my giggles and was laughing out loud deep into the night…A solid 5 stars based on the entertainment value of the book, perfect for times like this.” Also on NetGalley, Carol Coleman gave the book 5 stars: “I understand this is a first published book for this author, and all I can say is please Ms. Matthews, keep them coming. This was just a wonderful story around Actress meets Writer/Landscaper.”  The reviewer continues “Bottom-line I gave this 5 stars not only for the well written storyline, the lovable characters but also, cause again, LOVED that is was 3/4 dialog all around. Ms. Matthews is one of my new favorite authors and will be on my ‘watch for more’ list for her books.”

Gerri Hill‘s The Stars at Night has also received some strong reviews. Over on NetGalley, R Swier has given the book 5 stars, writing “This read was a very welcome distraction and the perfect book to de-stress for a few hours. The author welcomed you into a world where the beauty of nature soothed the soul and opened the mind to alternative means of enjoying life.” The reviewer continues, “Overall, this was a beautifully written feel good story. The very descriptive setting, which I loved, will leave you with peaceful thoughts, a sense of tranquility, and a yearning to experience that type of setting in person.” Rainbow Reflections gave The Stars at Night 4 stars, noting “If you are looking for a great book to read as you curl up in front of a fire on a cold winter night, then look no further than The Stars at Night by Gerri Hill. This is a lovely slow-burn romance.” Jude in the Stars also gave the book 4 stars: “Besides chemistry, which she writes very convincingly, Gerri Hill always excels at describing nature and everything that there is to love in nature … and it’s once again one of the strongest points of this book. The Stars at Night is a light and quick read, full of joy and feelings and not a lot of angst. It’s sexy and mellow, romantic and flirty. Exactly what I want to read on a rainy day.”

Synclair by Rachel Gold was featured in an article on Lambda Literary, where Katherine V Forrest writes, “Young adult books like Synclair are invaluable to our youngest generation during these times of renewed, flourishing tribalism and rancid homophobia. They are also gifts to us elders: they are missives from the front lines of LGBTQ youth today…Read this book and, like me, just imagine if you had found it at age seventeen. Just…imagine.” Over on Goodreads, Aleana Harris gave Synclair 4 stars, writing “a cute read…humorous [tale of] finding oneself and accepting.”

Reviews of October new releases

Reviews of our October new releases continue to appear—and wow, are they positive!

Carolyn Elizabeth‘s The Other Side of Forestland Lakes continues to receive very strong reviews. Phoebe’s Randoms gave the book 5 stars, writing “Elizabeth writes a diverse story here and it is welcome … You have to read the story, people!” Rainbow Reflections also gave the book 5 stars, writing “With every book I’ve read by Carolyn Elizabeth, I’ve fallen more in love with her writing, and that continues to be true after reading The Other Side of Forestlands Lake.” The reviewer continues “I thoroughly enjoyed this paranormal/mystery/romance and have added it to my favorites list. I can see myself reading this one over and over. It has my highest recommendation.” Over on Goodreads, reviewer Pin gave the book 4.75 stars, writing “The plot is solid, very interesting and exciting. The pacing is flawless, making the book a page-turner…a really enjoyable story which I will read again. I highly recommend it, and am looking forward to other books by Carolyn Elizabeth.”

Queen of Humboldt by Tagan Shepard continues to receive strong reviews. Over on NetGalley, Órla Smith gave the book 5 stars, writing “Wonderful. Spectacularly good. [I] might just restart this book right away even though I only finished it the other day.” Smith continues, I “will be highly recommending this book to anyone and everyone…Her ability to capture emotions and reel the reader into her world is part what makes Tagan Shepard’s books so beautiful to read…a truly remarkable piece of work.” Also on NetGalley, Noni Mayfield gave the book 4 stars: “I really enjoy when a book surprises me and takes an unexpected turn… I really enjoyed this book and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.” Bookvark gave the book 4 stars, noting “I did not want to put the book down … one of the better books I’ve read this year.”

Debut author Dolores Arden‘s Gray Matters continues to receive very nice reviews. Over on NetGalley, Betty Harmon gave the book 4 stars, writing “I’m always excited to find a new author who writes stories and characters I can fall in love with. That is exactly what I found … I had a great time reading this book, both for the love story as well as the mystery portion of the tale. I will be eagerly looking forward to more from this author.” Also on NetGalley, Michele R gave the book 4 stars: “I was immediately engaged with this story and both characters. The chemistry between the two was sizzling, however, both kept trying to deny it. …Overall I would recommend this debut novel from Dolores Arden to other readers and commend her for making a successful transition from a full time government career to writing an engaging novel. I look forward to reading future offerings.” Over on Instagram, SheReadsTales who says Gray Matters is “a solid queer, hawt romance/police procedural with a good helping of melodrama, aka everything I want in my romance.”

Make sure to pick up all of these great titles from Bella Books at BellaBooks.com—we’ll be back soon with more reviews!

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