“Heartbreaking and heartfelt” Bella Books reviews are in!

Reviews of Bella Books are in and they are overwhelmingly positive! “Perfect for Halloween” and “perfect for fall going into winter” can only mean one thing: These reviews are spooktacular! From paranormal romance to slow burn romance to queenpins and their lady loves, reviewers are loving Bella Books, new and old(er)!

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Recommendations of spooky reads

If you’re looking for books to read that are perfect for this time of year, Lex Kent from Lez Review Books has just the thing. She’s named three Bella Books to their best lesfic Halloween books. October new release The Other Side of Forestlands Lake by Carolyn Elizabeth was dubbed “perfect for Halloween.” Of Gerri Hill‘s Gillette Park, Kent says “Hill is at her best when she writes crime or paranormal books, put both those genres together and you have a must read!” And, Terrible Praise by Lara Hayes is “more about the vampires of nightmares than fantasy. A read that is different and a bit cerebral … really good.”

Lez Review Books also shared their “Best Lesbian Paranormal Audiobooks” for 2020, naming two Bella Books to this list: Gillette Park by Gerri Hill, narrated by Nicol Zanzarella and Five Moons Rising by Lise MacTague, narrated by Lori Prince.

Reviews of October new releases

Reviews of Bella Books’ October new releases are pouring in and they are overwhelmingly positive.

Carolyn Elizabeth‘s The Other Side of Forestlands Lake received a great review in Publishers Weekly: “Elizabeth (Gallows Humor) delivers her signature blend of lesbian romance and murder in this suspenseful outing. …the charming characters will draw in readers, and the plot ultimately hangs together nicely. Fans of romantic suspense are sure to be pleased.” Over on NetGalley, reviewer Carol Coleman gave the book 5 stars, noting “I loved this story: the author’s flow with words and keeping the pace up in the book was perfect … this one was so full of rich, engaging dialogue, I could not put the book down.” Also on NetGalley, reviewer R Swier gave this novel 5 stars:  This was a perfect October read. It was a mix of paranormal, mystery, and romance. … The ghostly/mystery storyline was entertaining while other parts were both heartbreaking and heartfelt. But everything balanced out nicely.” Jules Perez, a reviewer on NetGalley, also gave the book 5 stars, writing “This is indeed a perfect October read. All of it’s here, the ambience of dark woods and campfires crackling, lonely paths, old ghost lore permeating every incident plus a fantastic mix of bizarre acting locals and wispy figures hiding in every shadow. There’s just the right amount of spookies, mystery, and romance. Lee and Willa fire up the pages every time they are in the same space and I appreciate the way these two 40-year-old women are very sexy in every possible way. … For the scaredy-cats, this is not too heavy but there’s just enough to have you wondering what was that funny noise you just heard in the attic.”

Queen of Humboldt by Tagan Shepard has also received very positive reviews. On NetGalley Colleen Corgel gave the book 5 stars: “This is dark, pretty violent, but is also full of hope and goodness. Sloane and Marisol are well balanced characters, and one of the few examples where they don’t have to grow that much to make them compelling. It is well paced, with some really great action sequences, some slower moments, and some truly emotionally impactful ones. This was a lovely surprise, and is quite possibly my favorite book this month.” Also on NetGalley, Karen Reno-Cobb gave Queen of Humboldt 5 stars, writing “Queen of Humboldt does not disappoint. … This book took me five hours to read, which I remember because once I started I couldn’t put it down. … I don’t want to give any of the story away because this one is a doozy. A true roller coaster ride that ends with a bang.” Rainbow Reflections gave the book 4 stars, saying “This is one of those stories that will barely let you take a breath as you go from one crisis to another. It is very well-written, with an intricate plot and with great setting and mood building. The romance works well in the conflict and seems almost like one of those love stories doomed to fail because of who they both are…but is it? You’ll have to read to find out.”

Debut author Dolores Arden‘s Gray Matters has received some high praise. Melinda Bickard gave it 5 stars on NetGalley: “This is one of the best books I’ve read all year. The gay-woman-meets-straight-woman storyline has been done many times but few authors have the skill to be able to create such well-rounded characters with so much spark between them. Remy and Giana were both very well-developed characters and the chemistry jumped off the pages. The tension between them built slowly and deliciously, and the dialogue was beautifully written. …This was a fantastic debut and I really look forward to the author’s next book.” Also on NetGalley, reviewer nutmeg gave Gray Matters 5 stars, writing ” With the start-stop, push-pull attraction between the pair and the clock counting down to bring the killer to justice, this book had me at every turn and corner. Giana, even if she started clueless, would certainly rock your boat and make you bow at her persistence. … The way the book closed left me with a sneaky feeling that there could be a sequel. (Fingers crossed there will be).” Sarah Hall also gave the book 5 stars on NetGalley: ” I got absolutely nothing done IRL while I read this book. … I think I literally screamed at my e-reader at least twice. In short, it was a really good read that has you on the edge of your seat from the very start.”

Reviews of earlier new releases

New releases from earlier this year are also still receiving great reviews!

Following Chance by Baxter Brown received a strong review from Victoria Thomas at The Lesbian Review, who also added it to her list of favorite lesbian books: “I really enjoyed Following Chance and Brown is definitely one of my ‘must read’ authors. The emotional pull between Lauren and Kate is undeniable. These women are meant to be together. Call it destiny, fate, or great writing, but there’s no way anything could stand in the way of them cleaning up the wreckage of their past. I find it cathartic to dip my toe into a demanding, soul-searching read every so often. … Life is messy and people make big mistakes, but it’s possible to grow from those mistakes and move forward and deliver a super engrossing story in the process.”

Catherine Maiorisi‘s Taking a Chance on Love received 4.5 stars at Les Reveur, where reviewer Boasie writes, “I could smell the smoke and feel the fire from the first scene. The descriptions in this novel are vibrant and, in some instances confronting.” Boasie continues, “The courage of some people to run towards danger is awe inspiring. Just as inspiring is when you realise that there is one person in the world who really knows you and understands you. Accepting who you are and accepted by those close to you makes you feel like you are a superhero.”

My Heart’s in the Highlands by Amy Hoff received 4 stars on NetGalley from reviewer Leslie Shaip: “This book moved pretty quickly while covering a LOT of ground. There’s time travel, clan wars, unsettling discoveries, sexual tension, relationship drama, political intrigue, queer politics. So many things, but overall, a hoot. I didn’t know I needed a queer version of time travel in Scotland, but this book proved I definitely did. … This book was easy to sail right through.” Shaip continues, “This book is perfect for fall going into winter. As the nights get cooler, we all need a little bit of heat. This book has plenty, and it’ll inspire you to hunker down with your favorite plaid blanket.”

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