Happy Valentine’s Day! 8 sweet romances to treat yourself to

Yes, Valentine’s Day is all about the love, but who says you can’t treat yourself too? These 8 romances are lighthearted and full of sweet goodies, perfect for reading on Cupid’s holiday or any day of the year. From your favorite longtime writers to new talent, you’ll want to check out these charming romances.


Finders Keepers by Karin Kallmaker

Can a hot vacation romance turn into something more once reality sets in? Find out in this Lambda and Goldie finalist book.


Dreams Unspoken by RJ Layer

Cowgirl Jo Marchal returns to her family ranch to try and rebuild fences. When she meets Maria West, a woman who dreams of marriage and a family of her own, a friendship develops into something much more.

The Comfortable Show Diaries by Renee J. Lukas

Newly single and trying to figure out her life again, Sydney Gray re-enters the dating scene, and boy, is she in over her head. It doesn’t help that Ellie Hundersson seems too good to be true. Can Sydney get over her fears and let Ellie in?

Turbulence by E.J. Noyes

Buckle up for this wild ride! After a steamy one-night stand, stockbroker Isabelle Rhodes finds herself face to face with the woman from the magical night before…on her company plane. Audrey Graham is an experienced pilot just starting her new job for Isabelle’s company. Will their attraction be left up in the air, or will these two take it in for a landing?

Desert of the Heart by Jane Rule

This novel by Jane Rule was the inspiration for the beloved lesbian film, Desert of the Heart. Follow the irresistible tale of Evelyn and Ann as they fall unexpectedly in love against the backdrop of the Nevada desert.

Piece of My Heart by Julia Watts

Nostalgic for the 90s? The follow 90’s graduate student Jess Hamlin as she finds her way through the world of crushes, blind-dates, and true romance.

Anyone But You by KG MacGregor

A romance between an oil company spin doctor and a an environmental activist? Neither Cathryn Mack nor Stacie Pilardi realize what the other does for a living when they begin hooking up. When the truth is revealed, they know it would be better to go their separate ways…but neither can seem to walk away.

The Perfect Valentine edited by Barbara Johnson and Therese Szymanski

We couldn’t have a Valentine’s post without including this sizzling short story collection with contributions from over twenty romance writers from Bella and your other favorite publishing houses. Grab a box of chocolates and a cold glass of water for this book!



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