Grab the eggnog! Holiday films that feature actual lesbian, bi and queer storylines

There’s been a lot of focus this week on a certain network (Hallmark) and it’s ill-advised decision to pull a commercial featuring a same-sex wedding. It also opened a big ol’ can of worms about Hallmark’s lack of LGBTQ characters and characters of color. While Hallmark has apologized and is certainly in the hot-seat now, even having several working Hallmark actors like Elise Bauman, Ali Liebert and Hilarie Burton calling them out publicly, only time will tell if the channel actually follows through. So, instead of waiting for them, there are some actual holiday movies and short films that feature significant lesbian, bi and queer character storylines.

Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas

This little gem from Freeform has flown under the radar this year, but it’s very worth your time. Jess (The Bold Type‘s Aisha Dee) has just been on great date with Ben, when she’s killed in a car accident. When Jess’s spirit returns, she teams up with lesbian bestie Kara (OITNB‘s Kimiko Glenn) to find out why her spirit is still stuck on earth. There’s a pretty big plot twist in this film that is super refreshing. It’s also really fun and sweet, if a little sad, too. (Find it on Freeform and Hulu)

Let it Snow

This teen ensemble holiday piece is cute, and one of the main plots is the secret romance between Waffle Town waitress Dorrie (Santa Clarita Diet‘s Liv Hewson), and popular athlete Kerry (StitchersAnna Akana). Their story can be a little frustrating at times, but there’s a nice payoff at the end and a lot of supportive friends. (Find it on Netflix)

Season of Love

This Tello film has been a hit this holiday season with three, yes three, charming lady love stories in it. It’s also written, directed and produced by queer women. (Find it here.)


If Diehard gets to be a Christmas movie, so does Carol, dearest. (Find it on Vudu and Amazon)

Holiday Help Desk

In this short film, Shannan Leigh Reeve and Rachel Lin play two women stuck working on Christmas Eve, who connect over the IT help line. (Find it on Amazon Prime)

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