Good and Gay: queer tv and film plus the domming of Animal Crossing

Queer tv and film fill this week’s Good and Gay! Plus, we get a little insight into one dominatrix’s use of Animal Crossing to keep their clients in line. There’s so much beauty and innovation to celebrate in this week’s roundup, so let’s jump right in the Good and Gay queer tv and film!

Psst…if you missed it, both LGBTQ Nation and published lovely queer Mother’s Day pieces that show just how important queer moms are—and Bella Books released three new novels about thwarted plans and WLW yesterday, so make sure to pick up our new titles!

New French Shorts 2020 features The Tears Thing

New French Shorts, the annual showcase of new French filmmakers, opens today in virtual screening rooms. The films featured have won awards at Cannes and Locarno, as well as other film festivals. There is a healthy spread of LGBTQ+ films, so make sure to catch some of these short films including The Tears Thing (Le coup des larmes).

Directed by Clémence Poésy, The Tears Thing was selected for the 2019 Venice Film Festival and tells the story of a young actress. As Florence prepares for a new role, she faces an unforeseen challenge: her ex-girlfriend.

All ticket purchase help support art house theaters impacted by the pandemic.

New Netflix series Valeria offers sexy lesbian representation

Valeria, a Spanish language drama series, has arrived on Netflix. While the main plot revolves around a writer named Valeria who feels her life is missing something, there is also notable lesbian content. In this steamy series that is making waves with its sexiness, Nerea is a lusty lesbian who is super happy to be out and playing the field. And, these hot queer sex scenes are not to be missed.

Alice Wu wins Tribeca Film Festival’s Top Prize for The Half of It

Though the 19th Tribeca Film Festival isn’t taking place in person as expected, the winners of the juried competition have been announced. Alice Wu took the top prize for her Netflix film The Half of It.

It’s super encouraging to see this film that focuses on queer, Chinese-America, and immigrant perspectives receive recognition. Wu’s film is a new kind of coming-of-age queer film, focused on personal exploration and friendship, and all the miscommunication that happens between teenagers.

A nonbinary dominatrix is bringing their gifts to Animal Crossing

Denali Winter, a San Francisco based dominatrix and hairdresser, has been keeping their business alive via unlikely means: Animal Crossing. The Nintendo Switch game has been everywhere since the pandemic hit and it’s exciting to see sex workers finding alternative ways to support themselves. Advertising services on Twitter, Winter has their clients water flowers and pay them bells (Animal Crossing’s currency) for the privilege of doing so. Disobedience is punished with a butterfly net and clients are loving it. Winter told The Guardian: “Sex workers are always adapting, and this is just another layer of adaptation.”

The Aerialist trailer drops

The official trailer for The Aerialist, the sequel to the award-winning lesbian film The Gymnast, has been released. Directed and starring queer filmmaker and actor Dreya Webber as an aerial acrobat rehearsing for a tour, the film centers around the main character’s struggle with her art as she ages and nurses an injury. In The Gymnast, Webber’s character falls in love with a woman as they plan a routine together. While it’s unclear how much queer elements will play into this film, both the actor and the character are queer, so it’ll probably play some role.

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