Good and Gay: queer music for the holidays and more

Queer music news and more fill this week’s Good and Gay! From the recent explosion of queer holiday music to the arrival of Zolita’s Evil Angel to the documentary Queer Japan, we’ve gathered the best of the queer internet in one place for your reading pleasure. Pull up a chair—or better yet, clear yourself a little dance floor because this week’s edition is fun, fun, fun.

Queer holiday music is on the rise

From the all-queer soundtrack for Happiest Season to Lil Nas X’s new single “Holiday,” queer music for the holidays has exploded this year. Many different genres are well represented in this sudden proliferation as well. For indie music, Girl in Red released “Two Queens in a King Sized Bed,” and Mary Lambert gave us an entire EP called Happy Holigays. In country music, Ty Herndon released an album of classic Christmas songs called Regifted. Drag stars Miz Cracker and Nina West got in on the fun as well, releasing “Eight Days of You” and “Cha Cha Heels” respectively. All of these albums and songs can be found wherever you stream or buy your music.

Happy holigays to us all!

Broadway musical The Prom arrives at Netflix

The film adaptation of queer Broadway musical The Prom has arrived! When a young woman’s desire to take her girlfriend to prom leads the PTA to ban her from attending, down-on-their-luck Broadway stars come to save the day. They rally behind the young woman and give her a night to remember. The Prom is directed by Ryan Murphy and stars Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman, and Kerry Washington.

The Prom is available to stream from Netflix.

Queer Japan documentary shares vibrant, diverse queer culture

Documentary Queer Japan follows artists, activists, and everyday members of contemporary queer Japan as they live their lives. Developed and shot over five years, bringing together material from over 100 interviews, the film profiles the likes of drag queen Vivienne Sato, manga artist Gengoroh Tagame, dancer Atsushi Matsuda, artist Nogi Sumiko, HIV+ advocate Hiroshi Hasegawa, activist Akira the Hustler, and trans author Tomato Hatakeno. “There is no singular ‘queer Japan,’ because queer people are not a monolith,” says Director Graham Kolbeins. “It’s a great honor to share the stories of the brave individuals who opened their lives to this film, and it’s my intention with Queer Japan to amplify their voices to audiences around the world.”

Queer Japan is now available to stream on demand from your favorite platform (Prime, AppleTV, Google, DirectTv, etc.)

Zolita drops debut album Evil Angel

Queer music artist Zolita broke onto the music scene in 2015 with her viral hit “Explosion,” and has since become a queer icon for many listeners. On her new album Evil Angel, Zolita explores her witchcraft, queer relationships, and what happens when relationships go wrong. From songs about the invigorating power of crushing on someone to the title track that explores why someone stays with an abuser, the album is unflinchingly vulnerable, while remaining very danceable. “The album, front to back, is about a toxic relationship with a sociopathic person,” Zolita tells Paper Mag. “My hope is that people will find a song they can relate to, no matter what kind or stage of relationship they’re in.”

Evil Angel can be found wherever you stream or buy your music.

“Lonely Cowgirl” shows trucker and cowgirl love

Queer band Trouble Wanted has released a new queer music video called “Lonely Cowgirl” and it’s making our wildest dreams for trucker4cowgirl love come true! Directed by bass-player Lydia Garnett, the music video shows a sexy trucker and a cowgirl fall for one another, almost exclusively through eye contact. While the video is campy and overwrought, it’s also vulnerable and immediate, meant to portray queer attraction outside of the cisheterocentric gaze. “How often do we get to see queer women’s stories on screen, and how often do queer women get to own their fantasies?” Garnett says to Creative Boom. “As a queer team and band, we had the freedom to create our own narrative and represent ourselves authentically on screen: the gaze and the story were ours alone. We created a story of seduction, a funny, sexy powerplay and a very queer exchange.”

“Lonely Cowgirl” can be streamed on Vimeo.

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