Good and Gay: queer Grammy noms and more!

Queer Grammy nominations, the arrival of Happiest Season, a Batwoman teaser, Cowboy Bebop casting news, and more fill this week’s Good and Gay! Queer news from TV, film and music has been gathered together in one place so you can get in on the hot goss. Grab yourself an extra piece of pie, fill your cup with something merry, and settle in for some really good, really gay news!

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Batwoman Season 2 teaser trailer arrives

The new teaser trailer for Batwoman Season 2 has appeared and we finally get to see Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder in her Batwoman suit—and wow does she look powerful. Leslie will be the first Black woman to play iconic queer hero Batwoman, bringing her own bisexual badassery to the role. Less than two months to go until we meet Ryan and learn about her journey to donning the cowl to protect Gotham!

Batwoman Season 2 premieres January 17 on The CW!

Happiest Season now streaming on Hulu

Clea DuVall’s much-awaited queer, Christmas rom-com is here! Written and directed by the beloved queer star, Happiest Season follows Abby and Harper as they go home to Harper’s family’s house for the holidays. The only issue? It turns our Harper never really got around to coming out to her parents, so everyone will just have to pretend Abby and Harper are gal pals for the time being. Hijinks ensue! Featuring a slate of queer actors including Kristen Stewart, Aubrey Plaza, Dan Levy, and Victor Garber, this holiday film is the first queer holiday film to have major studio backing.

Happiest Season is streaming now on Hulu and available on VOD outside of the U.S.

Grammy nominations announced, highlighting several queer artists

Grammy nominations have been announced and queer artists are well-represented! There are exciting nominations for a wide variety of categories. Highlights include: Brittany Howard received six nominations, including Best Rock Song; Lady Gaga received nominations for two awards, including Best Pop Vocal Album; Phoebe Bridgers was nominated for three awards, including Best Rock Song; Brandy Clark received two nominations, including Best Country Album; Brandi Carlile was nominated for two awards, including Best Country Song; and the list goes on!

Notably, the nominations for Best New Artist are pretty much wholly queer. Queer rapper Chika (whose music video is embedded above), bisexual indie singer Phoebe Bridgrs, and gay electronic producer Kaytranada go up against Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. (Fans know that both Doja Cat nor Megan Thee Stallion have expressed some thoughts that make them seem more than straight.)

The Grammy Awards will air on January 31 on CBS.

Fargo explores queer women in love

After some problematic representation early in the series, Fargo seems to be headed in a new direction with couple Swanee and Zelmare. The two characters, who are unapologetically queer and decidedly outlaws, love one another and reject a power structure that requires bowing to cishet white men. Their morals may be in question, but their love never is.

Fargo Season 4 airs Sundays on FX.

Mason Alexander Park cast in new Cowboy Bebop adaptation

Netflix is adapting anime series Cowboy Bebop. The live adaptation is set to feature a remarkable cast including John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, and Daniella Pineda. In the most recent batch of casting announcements, it was shared that nonbinary actor Mason Alexander Park will be playing Gren who is described as running “the front of the house for Ana’s jazz club. As capable with their wit as a glock, as confident in a dress as a suit, they are a Bowie-esque embodiment of 22nd century handsome and seductive beauty.”

Gren was rewritten as nonbinary for the adaptation, which Netflix clarified when the announcement was made. “Revolutionary as the original amine was, the vocabulary we have today for LGBTQ+ people didn’t quite exist when it aired. For the upcoming live action adaptation, the character is being reimagined as nonbinary with a nonbinary actor.” 

Cowboy Bebop does not have an official premiere date, though it will likely be available to stream on Netflix in late 2021 or even 2022.

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