Good and Gay: queer film, music, and pregnancies

This week’s Good and Gay is all about queer film, music, and even pregnancies. We’ve gathered the very best of the gay internet™ all in one place so that you can scroll through, read some things that will make you smile, and enjoy your fantabulous, queer weekend!

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Ocean’s Eleven But It’s Gay premieres on Zoom

Writer and podcaster Gaby Dunn organized an Ocean’s Eleven reading, but made it so much gayer. All of the original characters were replaced with a star-studded queer cast including Stephanie Beatriz, Jen Richards, Mara Wilson, and Mal Blum. This hilarious remake pulled in 4,000 live viewers and you can now watch the whole thing on YouTube.

Muskoka Queer Film Festival announces virtual festival

Muskoka Queer Film Festival has shifted to a virtual festival that will take place on May 15-17. The Festival, which is in its first year, is set to premier a dozen queer short and feature films produced internationally. And, as a fun bonus each day there will be an opportunity to speak with the day’s films’ directors live. This festival will be free to attend, though they will be accepting “tips.”

Lesbian couple celebrates two pregnancies

A lesbian couple have become pregnant at the same time! Kat Buchanan and Taryn Cumming are engaged and were planning on starting a family later this year, but when they found out they both had fewer egg reserves than typical for their ages, they decided to speed things up. In part due to the prohibitive costs of IVF and intrauterine insemination, they decided to conceive at home. And, wow did they get a surprise when they both took pregnancy tests. “The doctor we had [said] we had a better chance of winning the lotto than getting pregnant at the same time,” Cumming told Daily Mail. The couple are due within two weeks of one another.

Congratulations to Kat and Taryn!

Arca releases epic single and music video “Nonbinary”

Producer, artist, and model Arca released her first single off of her new album KICK i. The song is both a wild ride of science fiction and gender politics and a way Arca presents her philosophy to the world. The music video is set in a dystopian world originally introduced to viewers in her hour-long music video “@@@@@.” It’s certainly a dark vision of the future, but it’s also a powerful vision from a nonbinary artist.

New film Clementine now available in virtual cinema

A new queer psychological thriller from Oscilloscope Laboratories appears in virtual cinemas today. Following Karen who is still hurting from her break-up with her ex, this film is about heartbreak, coming-of-age, and finding yourself while falling for someone knew. Karen meets a younger woman while at a lake house that belongs to Karen’s ex. Talk about DRAMA! And what ensues changes them both forever.

This film is certainly a slow burn—but not when it comes to queerness!

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