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Queer film and TV news fill this week’s Good and Gay! From actors talking about the shows they appear in to celebrating groundbreaking documentaries, we’ve gathered a whole lot of good news from the queer internet in one place for your reading pleasure!

Get ready to open some tabs because this week’s Good and Gay has lots of links you’ll want to watch later!

Motherland: Fort Salem lands at Comic-Con@Home

Motherland: Fort Salem’s creators and stars including Taylor Hickson, Ashley Nicole Williams, and Jessica Sutton will appear at Comic-Con@Home on Sunday! The cast and creator Eliot Laurence will discuss the first season and what lies ahead in season two of this beloved queer TV show full of witches! The full panel will be available on July 26th at 10am on YouTube.

The Beltway Pride Screening Series launches

The Beltway Pride Series is a collection of six queer films that explore life through LGBTQ+ experiences. All six films will be available to watch online free at Revry and a new film will be showcased each month through October. You can watch the first film VINTAGE: Families of Value through July 30th.

This powerful documentary about three Black families with at least two queer children. This award-winning film is in it’s 25th year and should be considered required viewing. As a special bonus, on July 30th at 8pm ET, filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris and other cast members will join Pride Center of Maryland’s LaKesha M. Davis to discuss their groundbreaking documentary.  

The Bold Type pivots in season finale, respecting viewer feedback on inauthentic queer representation

Despite its many positive impacts over the course of four seasons, The Bold Type spent the latter part of the fourth season setting up a romance between biracial and bisexual character Kat and a lesbian Republican, putting Kat in queerphobic and racist scenarios without care for her safety as a person. Fans and Aisha Dee, who plays Kat, expressed dismay at this betrayal of Kat’s values—and what the storyline means for IRL queer people of color. And in an unexpected and delightful turn, FreeForm re-edited the season 4 finale to honor viewer concerns. Talk about a minor miracle!

ICYMI Secrets & Toys short reaches one million views (and you should be one million and one)

Secrets & Toys, an award-winning 2014 short queer film, recently reached one million views on YouTube! This sweet, sexy, and evocative film about Black lesbians follows a mother and her daughter as they discover one another’s secrets and learn to accept each other—and themselves. About the mileage the film has gotten, director Quentin Lee said, “It’s really the little short film that could!” Lee continued, “I’m really glad to have supported writer/actress Dalila Ali Rajah to realize her vision. I signed onto the film immediately after reading the script and having the opportunity to openly celebrate the LGBTQ identity and BDSM in the African American community. #blacklivesmatter indeed!”

If you haven’t seen it yet, the best way to celebrate is by making yourself viewer one million and one (or so) by clicking here!

Wynonna Earp rides again—and we cannot wait for WayHaught!

After a wild ride and much anticipation, the queer TV cult delight Wynonna Earp rides again this Sunday on SYFY! The trailer looks epic and promises a season of demon a**-kicking we won’t forget. And, don’t worry it looks like Waverly and Nicole are reunited sooner rather than later. *crosses fingers*

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  • Lisa
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    Ms Fellnor, I like your stuff here. Just a couple things. Your “Tell Us What You Think”, it’s not clear if your asking about the BellaMedia page or just the four program write ups above it. In the “The Bold Type” write up you don’t mention where this program can be viewed. I know it sounds like I’ve been living under a rock, but I’ve never heard of the program.

    Who, what, and where is the information I’ve come to your page to find, and as pedestrian as it sounds, could there be a list somewhere that shows just those things.

    I’m a customer at Bella Books and supportive of whatever you guys cook up. Thanks for your informational efforts and professionalism evident on this page.


    • S.E. Fleenor
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      Hi there! Thanks for your feedback. We usually do list where things can be viewed and apologize for not including it with The Bold Type. You can watch The Bold Type on FreeForm at: Happy watching! And, in the future, please do not use “Ms” for me. I am nonbinary and the appropriate honorific is “Mx.” Thanks!

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