Good and Gay: queer election wins and more

Queer election news, a queer holiday song from Tegan and Sara and more fill this week’s Good and Gay! From another film festival to a new nonbinary superhero, we’ve pulled together the best queer news in one place to help you bide your time until election results are official. Hang in there, everybody!

A rainbow wave of elected officials will represent folks in the U.S.

At the time of writing, we’re still waiting for an official result on the U.S. Presidential election, however, we have received some very good news in other elections. A slate of queer and transgender candidates have made political history. Stephanie Byers won her election for the Kansas house of representatives, making her the first transgender official in the state and the first Indigenous trans person elected to any state legislature. Mauree Turner will be both the first Muslim to serve in the Oklahoma Legislature and the first nonbinary legislator in the U.S. Christy Holstege is the first bisexual mayor to have been elected in the U.S. as well as Palm Springs’ first female mayor. Taylor Small became the first ever trans person to win a seat in the Vermont Legislature. Jess Benham has become the first out LGBTQ woman to hold office in Pennsylvania where she will be a state representative. Michele Rayner was elected as the first LGBTQ Black woman in the Florida State Legislature. Delaware’s Sarah McBride has become the first trans state senator in U.S. history and will now be the highest ranking trans elected official in the U.S. And, these are just some of the highlights! Many other LGBTQ candidates have been elected in 2020.

Congratulations to the rainbow wave and to us all!

Tegan and Sara drop lesbian holiday love song

Even more Happiest Season news has arrived in the form of a new queer love song from Tegan and Sara. Their new holiday song “Make You Mine This Season” is a delightful, upbeat song that you’ll want to play on repeat all season. The whole soundtrack is now available to stream and purchase.

Happiest Season will be available to stream on Hulu on November 25.

DC to introduce nonbinary Flash to Justice League

2021 will see DC Comics focus on the future of Earth with their Future State line of titles. These new stories will see both familiar and new characters fight for justice in the future. One of those new heroes will be Jess Chambers who becomes the newest incarnation of the Flash. Jess, who is nonbinary, will first be introduced in the holiday comic DC’s Very Merry Multiverse. Writer Ivan Cohen says, ” I suggested that Kid Quick could be Earth-11’s first genderfluid character, and once editors saw [artist] Eleonora Carlini’s terrific take on the character design, there was suddenly a lot of interest in them for stories beyond the Merry Multiverse Special in December.”

You can add these comics to your pull list by visiting your Local Comic Store online.

Dating in Place lands at OML on Revry

Earlier this month, Revry announced the first live queer womxn TV channel: OML. And now we have news of an exciting new series called Dating in Place. This series about queer womxn dating while keeping social distance is told through the screens and mobile devices of four characters. The lead is Jo, a romantic who meets the woman of her dreams—only to learn she lives on the other side of the world. They make plans to meet in the middle for their first official date when 2020 hits and everything changes.

You can stream Dating in Place now on Revry.

Queer East Film Festival runs all “season”

We have another LGBTQ+ film festival to share in hopes to drive viewership to vital programs like today’s that uplift queer film. Many festivals have moved to virtual settings and/or drive-ins to ensure social distance in response to coronavirus, which means you can watch their programs in the comfort of your own home (or car). We’ll keep sharing film festivals as we become aware of them. If you know of an upcoming LGBTQ+ film festival, please comment below and we’ll look into including it in a future Good and Gay.

Please note: many festivals have restricted viewing based on where you live. Click the festival link below to learn more.

The Queer East Film Festival, based in London, brings a “season-long” festival showcasing LGBTQ+ cinema from East Asia and Southeast Asia. Feature films include Turning 18, Between the Seasons, Sisterhood, and many others. According to the site, ” Queer East offers a rare chance to celebrate the rarely seen queer stories on screen and explore gender, sexuality and what it means to be Asian and queer today through a programme that highlights the 50-year making of queer cinema in Asia.”

Films are available to be viewed in theaters and virtually from October 2020 to January 2021.

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