Good and Gay: Pride, making history, and more!

In this week’s Pride edition of Good and Gay, we’re celebrating queers making history! We’ve gathered the very best of the gay internet including landmark decisions in favor of LGBTQ+ rights, Raven- Symoné’s wedding, transgender representation, and more! Grab your feather boa, pour yourself something delicious, and check out all the goodness and gayness the world has to offer!

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Landmark ruling protects LGBTQ+ employment rights

By now you’ve certainly heard that earlier this week the Supreme Court issued a decision on three LGBTQ+ employment discrimination cases. Having heart arguments eight months prior, the decision before the Justices was whether existing nondiscrimination protections apply to gay and trans employees. “An individual’s homosexuality or transgender status is not relevant to employment decisions,” Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote. “That’s because it is impossible to discriminate against a person for being homosexual or transgender without discriminating against that individual based on sex.” According to Teen Vogue, “In delivering the majority opinion, Gorsuch has affirmed the argument that anti-LGBTQ discrimination happens on the basis of an individual’s assigned sex at birth. That’s an argument that could have major implications for combating anti-LGBTQ discrimination.”

Raven-Symoné marries wife during quarantine

Raven-Symoné married wife Miranda Maday at a private celebration earlier this week. The musician and actor shared the above image on her Instagram, noting “I got married to a woman who understand me for trigger to joy, from breakfast to midnight snack, from stage to home.”

Congratulations and happy Pride to the happy couple!

Submission Possible explores queer kink, fetishes, and more

In a new original docuseries from Revry, Madison Young takes viewers on a journey through queer kink, fetishes, and sexual exploration. The hour-long series premiers June 20th on Revry. This sex-positive series promises an unconventional travel adventure centering queer lenses from around the world. “Submission Possible is a dare. A challenge for us to shift the narrative. For us to celebrate our differences and our sameness, our connections,” says Young. “It is a culmination of my deep desire to gather women, POC, queers, trans folk, non-binary community, femmes, butches, sex workers, kinksters around the kitchen table, around the fire, to share our stories, of who we are as sexual beings. Because our desires matter. Our stories matter. We are claiming our space. This is the time. It is time for us to talk loudly and boldly about our orgasms, our pleasure, our kinks, our fetishes, our desires, our relationships.”

Disclosure documentary now available to stream on Netflix

As of today, you can stream the incredible documentary Disclosureon Netflix. This award-winning documentary traces depictions of transgender folks in film and TV. Drawing parallels between representation and attitudes toward trans folks, the documentary tackles everything from Boys Don’t Cry to The L-Word and Pose. The documentary features trans creatives including Laverne Cox, Lilly Wachowski, Mj Rodriguez, Jamie Clayton, and many more. Directed by Sam Feder, Disclosure is an important reflection on trans representation in popular film and TV and Pride is the perfect time to learn more!

Lesbian mothers make history in Chile

For the first time, a Chilean child has been registered on his birth certificate as the son of two women. Attilo José and his mothers, Emma de Ramón and Gigliola Di Giammarino, have made history in Chile and have set a precedent that will help future queer families. “This is a historic triumph for diverse families; it is a further step in their recognition and protection. With this sentence, the State has ratified that same-sex couples are family, and both the couple and their children deserve the same protection under the law,” Juan Enrique Pi, president of Fundacion Iguales said.

Congratulations and happy Pride to the new family!

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