Good and Gay: nonbinary rep, lesbian love story and more!

Nonbinary representation that’s groundbreaking, a lesbian love story turned into an animated short, and more fill this week’s Good and Gay! We’ve gathered the best queer news from around the world in one place so you can enter the weekend with a little hope. From TV to weddings to Tinder, we’ve got the good news that’ll keep you going strong.

The trailer for The Wilds arrives

This week the trailer for The Wilds, a feminist twist on the deserted island trope, arrived. The series promises intrigue, drama, and exciting representation. When a plane crashes, a group of girls must find a way to survive with no guarantee of rescue. Featuring characters and actors who are Black, biracial, Indigenous, Pakistani, and queer, the series will grapple with how teenage girls live with—and without—society.

The Wilds will be available to stream on Amazon Prime starting December 11.

Jesse James Keitel makes TV history with role in Big Sky

Jesse James Keitel is the first nonbinary actor to be a series regular on primetime television. Keitel will be playing a lead role on Big Sky. The series, which premiered earlier this week, follows a detective and ex-cop as they search for two sisters who have been kidnapped. Keitel portrays Jerrie, a young nonbinary musician who is abducted. Keitel shared a quote from an interview with The Advocate on Instagram: “Celebrate nonbinary people. Don’t laugh at them…I think so often we see queer people as the butt of a joke or a story focusing on the fact that they’re nonbinary or focusing on their transness. We’re all people with hopes and dreams and heartbreak and loves and wants and desires and passion. Add nuance. Add layers.”

Big Sky is available to stream now on Hulu and airs on ABC.

Marriage-a-thon protest honors resilience of queer love

Over the weekend, nonbinary witch Raynie Castaneda, aka The Fickle Witch, performed a queer “marriage-a-thon” in Tyler, Texas. Five couples were married during the protest which was in direct response to the confirmation of Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett. The conservative Trump-appointee has created fear that marriage equality could be in jeopardy; of the ceremony, one participant Jenna Rose said, “We’re not sure whether we can wait another year because, by that time, we may not be able to get married.” Castaneda told CB19, “I really just want to fill Tyler with joy and a mutual understanding of love and how we’re all human — there’s no wrong love.” At the ceremony, Castaneda said, “You cannot outlaw love. You cannot repeal, revoke love. You can say all day long that you’re going to, but at the end of the day, LGBTQ people will still exist, and they’re still going to love, whether you approve of it or don’t.”

Animated short based on true love story of a lesbian couple appears from Tinder

Tinder released a short, animated film based on true story about a lesbian couple connecting over Tinder during quarantine. Priya and Meera match on Tinder, share messages, and build a beautiful relationship in the less than minute long video. (Excuse me while I grab some tissues.) In the description on YouTube, Tinder India writes: “There’s a lot to love about dating in 2020. Based on a true story, this is how Meera and Priya met on Tinder, worked together on Zoom, introduced their pets to each other virtually, kept each other company online, and started something epic!”

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